Webinar: Model-Based Engineering – How Critical is Simulation to a Model-Based Enterprise?

Webinar Overview

In this ground-breaking webinar series from NAFEMS and Revolution in Simulation™ on “Achieving Pervasive Engineering Simulation: 2020-2030”, we’ll look beyond the present to the next ten years of advancements in simulation that are needed to support Systems Thinking for a Model-Based Enterprise. The series will explore how the latest technology trends and simulation methods will develop and impact our industry and society during the next decade.

Systems thinking, model-based concepts and simulation methods and processes are closely connected. The support of pervasive engineering analysis & simulation technologies are vital in making these concepts feasible. This webinar will examine how these concepts interact and how the resulting benefits are critical to the enterprise.

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 | 6:00pm EDT (New York)



Webinar Agenda

Welcome & Introduction:
A. Wood, Americas Regional Manager, NAFEMS
M. Panthaki, Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Committee, Revolution in Simulation™

How Critical is Simulation for a Model-Based Enterprise?
H. Tummescheit, Board Member, The Modelica Association
P. Swadling, Chair, Simulation Australasia & Technical Director, Avionics, Thales Australia

Systems and Simulation Perspective on MBE
K. Lunney, President, INCOSE & Country Engineering Director / Chief Engineer, Thales Australia

Q&A and Discussion


What’s ahead in this series:

AI, Data Driven Models & Machine Learning: How Will Advanced Technologies Drive Future Simulation Processes?

Generative Design Powered by Embedded Intelligence: The Next Design Frontier?

Industry 4.0, 5.0 and Beyond: Where Does Engineering Simulation Fit?


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