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Webinar: Putting Systems Thinking into Practice Using the Digital Thread
September 24

Webinar: CAE-Led Design & Structural Simulation of Electro-Mechanical Drive Systems with Romax Enduro & MSC Nastran
September 29

Webinar: End-to-End Powertrain NVH Simulation, Analysis, & Optimization with Romax Spectrum & Actran
September 30

Webinar: How Polytec uses Cloud-Based HPC for Virtual Non-Destructive Testing using Finite Element Analysis of Elastic Wave Propagation
September 30


Webinar: Mechanical Property Predictions of Additive Manufactured Microstructures via Surrogate Modeling
October 17

VMAP International Conference on CAE Interoperability 2020
October 15-16: Munich (Germany)




Webinar: Generative Design Powered by Embedded Intelligence – The Next Design Frontier?

Webinar: Enhancing Additive Designs for Bike Grips using nTop Platform

Engineering Innovation in Driveline Design: Rapid Transmission Modeling & Analysis Using Romax Concept

Webinar: Understanding A Generative Design Enabled Design Paradigm Shift

Webinar: Navigating the Modern Cloud Environment

Webinar: nTop Training – Simulation & Topology Optimization

Webinar: How the Cloud is Revolutionizing Product Development

Webinar: Advanced Contact and Plasticity Analysis for Large Problems

Webinar: Custom Generative Design Workflow using nTop Platform

Digital twins of pressure vessels – making non-intrusive inspection the status quo

Ansys Discovery Virtual Launch

30th INCOSE International Symposium

Digital Twins Forum

Extending the life of Ireland’s only pumped storage station with a structural digital twin

Webinar:  Model-Based Engineering – How critical is Simulation to a Model-Based Enterprise?

Webinar: How Simulation is Optimizing the Design Process to Lower LCOE

Webinar:  Offshore Wind – Smart Design & Fabrication with Digital Twins

CAASE 20 Virtual Conference

Webinar: PASS/START-PROF Capabilities for District Heating Stress Analysis

Webinar: PASS/START-PROF Capabilities for Oil & Gas Gathering, Upstream and Midstream Pipelines

Webinar: PASS/START-PROF Capabilities for Pipe Stress Analysis of Power and Process Piping Systems

Webinar:  The Digital Thread & SPDM – Will this Bring Simulation out of the Shadows?

Ansys Simulation World

Webinar: Accelerate Aircraft Design with Model-based Design Automation and Collaborative MDO

Webinar: A Systems Approach to Structural Digital Twins – Harnessing Data, Sensors, & Robotics

Webinar: PASS/Equip Overview – Comprehensive Software for Structural Pressure Vessels Analysis

Webinar: Can Digital Twins Predict the Future?

Online Workshop on the CFD Simulation of in-cylinder flow, mixture preparation and combustion

Webinar – Simulating heavy equipment durability

Webinar – Using Engineering Simulation to Fight 19 Outbreak

Webinar – Simulations in Medical Device Design

Webinar – Improving Aircraft Engine Thermo-Mechanical Performance

Webinar – Transitioning to model-based engineering across Heavy Equipment organizations

Webinar – Pervasive Systems Thinking & Simulation: Who, What, When, Where, Why & How

ACE 2020

Webinar: The Untapped Opportunity in Simulation



Super Computing 19

NAFEMS Simulation in Automotive

Pointwise for Automotive CFD Simulation Workshop


CAE Conference: The Engineering Simulation Path to Digital Transformation

ESTECO 2019 Users Conference

NAFEMS European Conference: Simulation-Based Optimization

ASSESS 2019 Congress

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

NAFEMS Model-Based Engineering

Global Product Data Interoperability Summit

Webinar: Democratization of Simulation Governance-Compliant Sim Apps

BrainComp : Workshop on Brain-Inspired Computing 2019

Webinar: 3D Crack Growth Simulation Advancements

Daimler CAE Forum

Webinar: The Rise of Simulation

ISC Supercomputing Conference

NAFEMS World Congress 2019

Realize Live 2019

Webinar: Virtual Human Brain Simulations with Abaqus in the Cloud

Webinar: Asset Life Extension through Predictive Digital Twins for Offshore Structures


ACE: Aras Community Event

COFES 2019

Introduction to Engineering Simulation for Non-Experts

Hyperion HPC User Forum

Webinar: Democratizing Simulation From Conceptual Models to Simulation Applications

NAFEMS – The Benefits of Simulation

ESTECO Technology Days

Topology Optimization Roundtable

International Modelica Conference

Webinar: How do you Verify the Accuracy of Engineering Simulation?

Webinar: Learn how ARRIS Simulates and Validates their Drop Tests and Optimizes their Designs



Webinar: Integrating Carbon Capture and Storage Technology Using Simulation

Webinar: HOT SEAT Webcast by Digital Engineering


NAFEMS European SPDM Conference

ASIP 2018

Webinar: Cloud-Based CFD for External Aerodynamics

SC’18 Supercomputing Conference

NAFEMS Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the  Automotive Industry

ASSESS 2018 Congress

Webinar: Democratizing Simulation – Can Non-Experts Safely Utilize Advanced Modeling Tools and Workflows?

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

NAFEMS Aerospace Simulation Automation

American Modelica Conference

MSC Software Conference

IGA 2018: Integrating Design & Analysis

International Meshing Roundtable

Gateways 2018

28th INCOSE International Symposium


World Congress on Computational Mechanics

CST SIMULIA European User Conference




Webinar: ESRD


ISC Supercomputing Conference

FMI Forum

C3D Experience Forum

European HPC Week