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3D Digital CAE Slides to Circumvent the Problem with 2D static slides

For many years, simulation engineers and design engineers alike have circumvented the problem with large CAE result file sizes by using 2D slide presentations. The idea is to take screenshots of crucial results and paste them onto the slides. The resulting presentation can then be emailed and shared to all most anyone in the company.

Digitalizing the CAE Post Processing & Reporting

What is VCollab exactly?

VCollab delivers 3D Digital CAE Reports to MSC customers through the MSCOneXT Program

SPDM: From Extreme Disappointment to the Democratization of Simulation?

Simulation and analysis (S&A) are not known for its simplicity. It has traditionally been the domain of experts. The problems they encounter are theoretically complex, and the software used reflects this complexity.

VCollab 19 Launches: Offers Important New Automation and Performance Enhancements

Update Available for Popular Simulation Collaboration Software

Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc., (VCollab) announces the release of VCollab 19, the latest version of its advanced solution for creating and sharing high-fidelity 3D simulation insights. This new release provides enhanced automation capabilities, along with performance and usability improvements.

Simulation’s Missed Opportunity

Those of us in the simulation domain are well aware that the design insights revealed through simulation can dramatically speed product development, improve product quality, and lower the overall costs of products.

Simulation’s Missed Opportunity

VCollab Co-Founder & CEO, Prasad Mandava writes that simulation’s potential to improve product quality and profitability is being held back by a lack of automation in post-processing and results reporting. Learn how to recapture this lost opportunity.

Webinar: The Untapped Opportunity in Simulation

ASSESS Initiative Announces VCollab as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress


VCollab: Democratizing Simulation Visualization?

Chad Jackson's 2013 BLOG on Visual Collaboration Technologies (VCollab).

Aras Partners with Vcollab for Enhanced Management of Simulation Results

RevolutionInSimulation.Org Public Web Portal Launched to Support Simulation for Everyone