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Numerous Democratization Success Stories at CAASE18

S.A.F.E.R. Simulation – Simulation Governance

Reviewing Architecture-Based Approaches for Vehicle Modeling

The Modelica language offers first class support for representing system architecture in models. This enables both architecture exploration and the development of product families.

Why is Simulation Governance Essential for the Reliable Deployment of FEA-Based Engineering Simulation Apps?

Using an Intelligent Template to Analyze a Complex Optical System

This NASA Langley case study demonstrates how and why a simulation template was used to aid in the analysis and design of a complex space-borne electro-optical sensor.

Using (Simulation) Templates to Support The Engineering Designer

ASME paper on simulation templates for designers.

What are the benefits of a well-designed Simulation Template

Template-Based Design Analysis

Interesting discussion among members of the NAFEMS Simulation Data Management Working Group on the pros and cons of Template-Based Design Analysis.

Template-Driven Simulation Apps, Published in COMSOL 5.0 App Builder

Learn how COMSOL 5.0 allows experts to publish template-style simulation apps for non-experts using the COMSOL App Builder function.