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Research Report: The State of Simulation, Prototyping, and Validation

As products get smarter, design cycles get shorter and the pressure to cut costs and satisfy regulations increases. Simulation can help in all respects. Read this research report on how engineers are doing simulation and how often. surveyed 268 engineers who told them how they are doing simulation and how often. Download the report to learn more.

Paper: Reduce Failure and Achieve Meaningful Results in Cardiovascular Devices Prior to Prototype

With more than 30% of all deaths attributed to cardiovascular disease, the healthcare industry invests massively in disease prevention, treatment, and efforts to shorten the recovery period. But the extensive in vitro and in vivo testing required to ensure patient safety inevitably slows down cardiovascular device innovation.

Research Report: The Status and Future of Engineering Design and CAE Technologies

This report uncovers: If advanced design and CAE tools are accessible. How engineers incorporate these tools into their practice. Top design and CAE technologies for today and the future. Reasons why engineers and designers avoid these tools. Simulation practices. And more.

Phoenix Integration

Leveraging Simulation Across the Modern Enterprise

Simulation technology has changed significantly in the last 10 years, keeping pace with advances in hardware, software and user experience. Simulation today encompasses so many tools and processes — how can you get in on the action?

What is Engineering Simulation

Simulate Sooner

What you need to implement a simulation-driven design workflow. Design engineering Magazine, December 2018.

MCADCafe Blog: ASSESS Initiative Presents Credible Arguments For Increased Engineering Simulation

Jeff Rowe of MCADCafe posts a blog on MCADCafe Newsletter about the ASSESS Initiative Positioning Papers regarding Democratization of Engineering Simulation (DoES) and Aligning Commercial, Government, and Research Engineering Simulation Efforts.

GKN Driveline: Propshaft Analysis

Semiconductor Optimization at First Solar Achieved through Democratization

Democratization at Jeco Plastic Products Lands New Opportunities

Clippard Avoids Manufacturing Process Defect with Democratization

CAASE18: The Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering

Democratization & Enterprise Wide Deployment at Pfizer

Game Over – Humans No Match for AI, But What About Engineering?'s Roopinder Tara asks: Can artificial intelligence help us with simulation?

Engineering Design Platforms and Simulation in-CAD Benefit Product Development Teams

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools have the power to take the gut feel and rules of thumb out of the engineering world.

Greenlight Optics Simulation Reduces Manufacturing Time

Democratizing thermal modeling with a cloud-based simulation app

More detailed and faster simulation with high-performance cloud computing.

Rethinking Simulation as a Strategic Discovery and Knowledge Creation Tool

Gartner's Marc Halpern discusses simulation as a strategic tool.

Web Cloud Mobile Platform

John Hirschtick discusses web and cloud-based mobile platforms.

Business Drivers in Simulation

Learn the key business drivers behind simulation and analysis.

Democratizing CAE with SPDM at GKN Driveline

Digital Engineering guest blogger, Bruce Jenkins (Ora Research) recaps the NAFEMS Democratizing CAE webinar featuring GKN Driveline.

Multiphysics for the masses. COMSOL wants to democratize simulation in the design process– TV-report

Simulation is key to making virtual product development a reality. So it's no wonder that simulation software is growing rapidly in terms of software spending and usage in product development processes.