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Planning for Simulation Governance and Management

Ensuring that simulation is an asset - not a liability.

What is Simulation Governance & Management?

Developing a simulation governance strategy is necessary to build and nurture modeling and simulation capabilities and a company’s confidence in those capabilities. Read more about it in this pamphlet from NAFEMS.

What is Simulation Governance

What Bottlenecks Limit the Adoption of Simulation Governance?

The idea of simulation governance is easy to understand: The application of numerical simulation technology must be properly governed in every organization. In this article, ESRD Chairman and Co-Founder Dr. Barna Szabó explains that the responsibility for simulation governance rests with board-level executives. They exercise this responsibility through setting the goals, objectives and metrics to ensure that the economic value of numerical simulation is positive.

Webinar: Democratization of Simulation Governance-Compliant Sim Apps

Learn why it is essential that Sim Apps implement Numerical Simulation technologies which enable the practice of Sim Gov in order for the vision of democratization of simulations to be realized, as well as why it is important for engineering managers to get on the Sim Gov train sooner rather than later.

A Business Centric Approach to Simulation Democratization

Fatigue Life Prediction of Flaw-Tolerant Damaged Rotorcraft Structures

This recent presentation discusses how the framework of Simulation Governance was applied to the development, verification and validation of a flaw-tolerant life prediction model for damaged rotorcraft components.

Numerous Democratization Success Stories at CAASE18

S.A.F.E.R. Simulation – Simulation Governance

Why is Simulation Governance Essential for the Reliable Deployment of FEA-Based Engineering Simulation Apps?

Ricardo Actis – Topic Moderator for Simulation Governance

Barna Szabo – Topic Moderator for Simulation Governance

A Simulation Revolution is Needed to Solve the CAE Industry’s Problems

The worldwide business environment is seeing a strong focus on strategic goals for improving competitiveness.

Understanding and Enabling the Simulation Revolution

Business Drivers are going to force a “Simulation Revolution” - Engineering Simulation will be forced to find a way

The Changing Role of Simulation Brings New Business Challenges

Opening presentation for NAFEMS 2020 webinar series Business Challenges topic

Case Study: Composite Joint Analysis Sim App

Sim App for the computation of the energy release rate along a delamination front of a Pi-Joint. Ply-by-ply modeling and automatic lamination using 3D-solid elements enable the creation and deployment of this App in a Desktop CAE-Handbook.

Technical Requirements for the Deployment of Engineering Simulation Apps

Technical paper for Sim App requirements published in June 2016.

Simulation Governance: Accelerating the Adoption of Smart Engineering Simulation Apps

What is the meaning of simulation, numerical simulation and Simulation Governance? What is the role of Simulation Governance in the adoption and deployment of FEA-based simulation apps? This presentation addresses these questions and more…

Technical Requirements for the Deployment of Engineering Simulation Apps

Presentation from the 2016 NAFEMS Americas Conference, New Frontiers in Product Modeling and Simulation. Seattle, Washington, 7-9 July 2016.

The Role of Simulation Governance in the Democratization of Simulation Through Sim Apps in the A&D Industry

Presentation from the 2017 NAFEMS Americas Conference, Aerospace Simulation Engineering: The big Issues. Wichita, Kansas, 8 November 2017.