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Webinar: Democratization of Simulation Governance-Compliant Sim Apps

Learn why it is essential that Sim Apps implement Numerical Simulation technologies which enable the practice of Sim Gov in order for the vision of democratization of simulations to be realized, as well as why it is important for engineering managers to get on the Sim Gov train sooner rather than later.

Webinar: Democratization of Simulation Governance-Compliant Sim Apps

Democratizing Simulation: Delivering Measurable Results

Design World Magazine, April 2019: Through the process of “democratization” organizations can safely put the power of engineering simulation into the hands of those who are not experts in using CAE software, including product designers, new engineers and even those in technical sales and customer support.

What Makes a Good Simulation App?

Simulation app makers weigh ease of use vs. functionality for specific uses cases. Digital Engineering's Kenneth Wong explores what makes a good Simulation App.

Democratization of HPC Part 1: Simulation Sheds Light on Building Dispute

This is the first of three articles demonstrating the growing acceptance of High Performance Computing especially in new user communities and application areas.

Simulation Boom Stalls. CAE Experts Needed to Make Engineering Apps

Computer-aided engineering (CAE), software continues to suffer from being the outsider at the party, despite predictions of its popularity.

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries

Implementing Rules-Based Simulation Automation for Democratizing Automotive Wheel Design

Wind ITO Fulfillment Center: Capturing Proprietary Processes for Wind Farm Siting Analysis

Analysis Template Development at NASA Langley

GKN Driveline: Propshaft Analysis

Simulation Software Ecosystems vs. Point Solutions

Digital Engineering's Brian Albright writes about making simulation easier to use.

Pushing Democratization Beyond a Buzzword at CAASE 18

ANSYS Twin Builder released

With today’s release of ANSYS 19.1, we deliver a powerful new tool for taming complexity and bringing innovation to market.

System Simulation in a heterogeneous World

The arrival of the Functional-Mockup-Interface (FMI) has been a game changer by simplifying the combination of models from different tools.

S.A.F.E.R. Simulation – Simulation Governance

Cross Tidal Kites to Harvest Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy Tamed by Modelon. Modelica based system simulation is the key enabler for product innovation.

Why is Simulation Governance Essential for the Reliable Deployment of FEA-Based Engineering Simulation Apps?

Technical Requirements for the Deployment of Engineering Simulation Apps

Technical paper for Sim App requirements published in June 2016.

BWAY Teams up with Kinetic Vision, Comet Solutions to Improve Product Testing

Greenlight Optics Simulation Reduces Manufacturing Time

CAE Industry Experts Predict Future of Simulation's Shawn Wasserman recaps the Democratized Simulation track from the 2015 NAFEMS World Congress.

Democratizing thermal modeling with a cloud-based simulation app

More detailed and faster simulation with high-performance cloud computing.

Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone!

Simulation Applications are advancing product quality, innovation, and productivity by allowing non-experts to safely run simulations.

Simulation for Everyone who Needs it!

What if there was a way to capture and embed the tangible knowledge and intangible judgement of your CAE experts throughout the product development team?

Democratization of CAE – Wading Through the Hype

The current state of democratized simulation.

Democratizing CAE at AAM

American Axle & Manufacturing's eight initiatives to improve democratizing CAE.

Democratization Lessons Learned from an Enterprise Practitioner

GKN's journey to democratized CAE.

Technical Requirements for the Deployment of Engineering Simulation Apps

Presentation from the 2016 NAFEMS Americas Conference, New Frontiers in Product Modeling and Simulation. Seattle, Washington, 7-9 July 2016.

Bringing Casting Simulations Early in Part Development Cycles

The computer-aided engineering (CAE) industry is seeing a trend toward the democratization of simulation tools.

An Intelligent Fit-For-Purpose App for a Democratized Steering System Component Design

Intelligent applications provide non‐experts the ability to perform complex engineering workflows.

Audience Questions: Supercomputing for the Rest of Us

Alan Chalker from Ohio Supercomputer Center and Lee Margetts from simulation industry association NAFEMS join DE’s editor Kenneth Wong for the roundtable talk on supercomputing.

5 CAE Industry Strategies to Bring Simulation to More Engineers's Shawn Wasserman writes about the 5 CAE Industry Strategies to Bring Simulation to More Engineers

CAE user stories continue to paint a compelling picture

According to Forrest Burney, Engineering Manager at BWay. Provides a presentation on the evolution of BWay’s product development through the years, SimApps will make his life much easier while directly impacting the companies’ bottom line in a major way.

COMSOL Brings LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS Integration into Simulation Apps

Users will now be able to access LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS in COMSOL’s Application Builder.

CAD-Based Process Analyzes Lidar Interferometer Instrument

A Structural-Thermal-Optical-Performance (STOP) analysis is an interdisciplinary analysis used to verify optical requirements. It is performed to identify and solve design issues early before building hardware.

Comet Supporting Ohio Supercomputer Center AweSim Initiative

Comet Solutions’ Simulation Applications (SimApps™) will be available on the cloud through a partnership with the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) via the OSC AweSim initiative.

Expert Knowledge Captured and Reused for Design Space Exploration

Ora Research,President Bruce Jenkins gives his take on the "Appification" of Simulation.

Turbo-Charge Innovation by Democratizing Innovation

Intelligent templates allow a wider range of product design alternatives to be evaluated. The result: Greater Innovation.

Leveraging Simulation & Analysis Expertise

SimApps create expert define templates to provide multiple users with engineering tools.

Democratizing CAE with SPDM at GKN Driveline

Digital Engineering guest blogger, Bruce Jenkins (Ora Research) recaps the NAFEMS Democratizing CAE webinar featuring GKN Driveline.

Dramatic Improvements for AAM by Automating NVH Analysis Process with SimApp

American Axle & Manufacturing Sees Dramatic Productivity Gains, Cost Savings from Automating NVH Analysis Process with Comet NVH Driveline SimApp

Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone!

Capturing and extending the expertise and knowledge of CAE experts to non-CAE experts.

Engineering Simulation: The Road(s) Ahead

The “gap” between expert CAE users and non-experts will be filled by Simulation Apps.

Democratized Simulation

Simulation Applications provide an easier means of using and extracting simulation without needing a CAE expert.

Democratization of Simulation Takes Flight

Digital Engineering's Mark Clarkson discusses the early successes of Democratized Simulation.

The Democratization of Simulation with Intelligent Templates

Democratization as the next revolution in simulation.

Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) for Laser Weapons Systems

The role of intelligent templates to speed the development of laser weapon systems.