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What is Smart Sim Apps

What is Sim App

Webinar: Democratization of Simulation Governance-Compliant Sim Apps

Webinar: Democratizing Simulation… Can Non-Experts Safely Utilize Advanced Modeling Tools and Workflows?

GKN Driveline: Propshaft Analysis

Why is Simulation Governance Essential for the Reliable Deployment of FEA-Based Engineering Simulation Apps?

Ricardo Actis – Topic Moderator for Simulation Governance

Case Study: Composite Joint Analysis Sim App

Sim App for the computation of the energy release rate along a delamination front of a Pi-Joint. Ply-by-ply modeling and automatic lamination using 3D-solid elements enable the creation and deployment of this App in a Desktop CAE-Handbook.

New Frontiers in Simulation Process Automation

Scripting and Custom Programming, Process Automation Frameworks, and Simulation Apps