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Daimler Truck adopts Siemens’ Xcelerator to shape the future of CO₂-neutral transport

Vehicle Electrification Lunch and Simulate Webinar Series

This series of four webinars offers solutions to the challenges of next-gen electromechanical design.

Jet fan placement ensures optimal air quality and flow

Hybrid engine tech delivers competitive and agile access to space

Powering Up Complexity: Whole-Engine Turbomachinery Performance

Assessing thermal-mechanical performance takes more than looking at the individual components separately. You must consider whole engine. How do you go about doing that as efficiently as possible? Hint: one engineer working alone to develop a whole engine model won’t cut it. A better approach to accelerating performance engineering is to divide the workload into sub-assemblies and combine models in assembly FEMs.

Powering Up Complexity: Parameterized Missions and Realistic Turbomachinery Models

This post explores how to assess thermo-mechanical performance and behavior in the context of the different missions the final product will undertake.

Siemens extends mechanical performance prediction leadership with Simcenter 3D 2022.1

Siemens expands Simcenter with AI-driven generative engineering for systems architectures

Driving the future of engine development with CAE