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What is Democratization of Simulation and Model Deployment?

“Democratization” is a bit more than just “deployment”. We can “deploy” a spreadsheet calculator or MATLAB model simply by emailing it to a group of recipients, or putting it on a network drive or a portal such as SharePoint. That is NOT the same as “democratizing” – ensuring SAFE and SECURE access, plus the ability for users to run the model, WITHOUT deep knowledge of the underlying technology, and WITHOUT making mistakes.

How The Appification of Simulation is Changing SPDM

The democratization of simulation and design optimization is proving to be an increasingly important goal as enterprises realize that greater collaboration can lead to significant advancements – and ultimately position an enterprise as the innovative leader in their industry.

2020 Prediction: Seb Dewhurst

EASA's Seb Dewhurst shares his thoughts on the coming year.


Democratizing Modeling and Simulation by “Appification”

"Companies are beginning to realize that they are sitting on a gold-mine of untapped potential." Read on to learn more!

EASA Advanced Low-Code Development Democratizes Complex Simulation Models

Modernized GUI-Driven Apps at Monsanto

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Seb Dewhurst – Topic Moderator for Simulation Apps