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MCADCafe Blog: ASSESS Initiative Presents Credible Arguments For Increased Engineering Simulation

Jeff Rowe of MCADCafe posts a blog on MCADCafe Newsletter about the ASSESS Initiative Positioning Papers regarding Democratization of Engineering Simulation (DoES) and Aligning Commercial, Government, and Research Engineering Simulation Efforts.

By the Numbers: Democratization

Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2019, the analytics output of business users with self-service capabilities will surpass that of professional data scientists.

The Democratization of CFD

“Democratization” is a buzzword that has been circulating around the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) community for some time. Learn more through this paper.

Moving CAE Applications to the Cloud is Getting Easier

UberCloud's Wolfgang Gentzsch and Burak Yenier discuss the role of the Cloud in democratizing simulation in this Digital Engineering article.

An Introduction to Revolution in Simulation

Digital Engineering's Tony Lockwood interviews RevSim.Org co-founder Malcolm Panthaki.

Democratizing Engineering Models

EASA Software's Tim Valachovic and Pat Pennington provide this workshop at the CAASE 18 conference.

Towards CFD Democratization

Siemens PLM Software's Ruben Bons provides this presentation at the CAASE 18 conference.

Enabling Democratization by Engineers for Engineers

John Aldred, VP of Product Management for HBM Prenscia provides this presentation at the CAASE 18 conference.

A Journey Towards Commoditization of Simulation & Analysis IT Resources to Support Democratization

John Deere's Ashish Jaiswal provides this presentation at the CAASE 18 conference.

Taming the Wild Beast: Encapsulating Open-Source Software Behind Democratization Framework

ECKDYN Analysis Solutions' Michael Eckblad discusses issues and benefits of open-source analysis software within Democratized Simulation.

A Business Centric Approach to Democratized Simulation

From the CAASE 18 conference, Front End Analytics' Juan Betts discusses implementation of Democratized Simulation in large and complex organizations.

Pushing Democratization Beyond a Buzzword at CAASE 18

Digital Engineering Editor Jamie Gooch takes a look at democratized simulation as witnessed at CAASE 18.

SIMSOLID Cloud: Breakthrough no-meshing, no-defeaturing structural analysis tool now available as an Onshape-enabled cloud application

Announcing SIMSOLID Cloud: Popular desktop structural analysis tool now available as an Onshape-embedded cloud application

MSC Apex Harris Hawk accelerates structural analysis for aerospace composites

The newest release of MSC Apex Harris Hawk targets the need for accelerated structural analysis in aerospace engineering and manufacturing.

Simulation in the Cloud

In this June, 2018 post, Digital Engineering's Brian Albright discusses Cloud-based Simulation.

RevolutionInSimulation.org – A New, Public Web Community for the Democratization of Simulation

Given at CAASE 2018, this presentation discusses the mission of a new on-line resource in support of Democratized Simulation.

Game Over – Humans No Match for AI, But What About Engineering?

Engineering.com's Roopinder Tara asks: Can artificial intelligence help us with simulation?

ASSESS Initiative Business Challenges Theme

Investigate issues and to develop approaches to enable a significant increase in usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation.

A Simulation Revolution is Needed to Solve the CAE Industry’s Problems

The worldwide business environment is seeing a strong focus on strategic goals for improving competitiveness.

Understanding and Enabling the Simulation Revolution

Business Drivers are going to force a “Simulation Revolution” - Engineering Simulation will be forced to find a way

The Changing Role of Simulation Brings New Business Challenges

Opening presentation for NAFEMS 2020 webinar series Business Challenges topic

CAASE18 Preview: FDA on the Use of FEA to Simulate and Validate Medical Devices

Tina Morrison, Deputy Director, Division of Applied Mechanics, Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, U.S. FDA will present at CAASE 2018.

Democratizing thermal modeling with a cloud-based simulation app

More detailed and faster simulation with high-performance cloud computing.

Simulation is Becoming Democratized at Last (Part 3)

Part 3 of a 3-part series discussing the Democratization of Simulation.

Simulation is Becoming Democratized at Last (Part 2)

Part 2 of Bruce Jenkins series on the Democratization of Simulation.

Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone!

Simulation Applications are advancing product quality, innovation, and productivity by allowing non-experts to safely run simulations.

Simulation Automation that Works

Learn how traditional manually-intensive and non-integrated simulation processes and data are being transformed using Simulation Apps.

Template-Driven Simulation Apps, Published in COMSOL 5.0 App Builder

Learn how COMSOL 5.0 allows experts to publish template-style simulation apps for non-experts using the COMSOL App Builder function.

NAFEMS Americas 2016 Conference Democratization Track

A recap of the June, 2016 conference which featured a Democratization Mini-Symposium.

Latest signal for cloud HPC’s role in CAE’s future: Rescale $14 million funding round

Bruce Jenkins discusses the future of High Performance Cloud Computing.

Democratization of CAE – Wading Through the Hype

The current state of democratized simulation.

Toward the Democratization of CAE with Software Containers

Software containers, why they are relevant and how they deliver CAE to the masses.

Democratization of Structural Analysis using Meta-Code and Web Apps

Learn how simulation can deliver more innovative products to market faster and how a small population of simulation experts can be better leveraged.

Democratizing CAE at AAM

American Axle & Manufacturing's eight initiatives to improve democratizing CAE.

Democratization Lessons Learned from an Enterprise Practitioner

GKN's journey to democratized CAE.

Democratizing a Multivariate Statistical Model Validation Method through an Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose App

A case study detailing Caterpillar's democratization of simulation.

Cloud Based Multiphysics Computational Simulation Applications

Computational Simulation Apps: access, validation and automation and its supporting role in democratized CAE.

Towards Cognitive Computer Aided Engineering

The role of Cognitive Engineering and Simulation Apps in medical research.

Simulation Apps can be used by Non-Experts

Extending simulation expertise throughout product development teams.

Bringing Casting Simulations Early in Part Development Cycles

The computer-aided engineering (CAE) industry is seeing a trend toward the democratization of simulation tools.

Supercomputing for the Rest of Us

Supercomputing or High-Performance Computing (HPC) you can use for the duration of a project.

An Intelligent Fit-For-Purpose App for a Democratized Steering System Component Design

Intelligent applications provide non‐experts the ability to perform complex engineering workflows.

Usability in Simulation

Learn how Simulation Applications are safely extending the use of simulation beyond CAE experts.

Audience Questions: Supercomputing for the Rest of Us

Alan Chalker from Ohio Supercomputer Center and Lee Margetts from simulation industry association NAFEMS join DE’s editor Kenneth Wong for the roundtable talk on supercomputing.

Simulation apps shrink costs, time-to-market for packaging container manufacturer

Simulation apps are the latest development in making advanced CAE capabilities safely and easily available to engineers and designers.

Simulation for the Masses is AweSim

Digital Engineering's Beth Stackpole recaps the AweSim initiative.

CAD-Based Process Analyzes Lidar Interferometer Instrument

A Structural-Thermal-Optical-Performance (STOP) analysis is an interdisciplinary analysis used to verify optical requirements. It is performed to identify and solve design issues early before building hardware.

Driveline and Gearbox Design Via Apps

Web-enabled apps mean even tablet computers are useful tools for engineering analysis anywhere, anytime.

Democratizing CAE: Simulation Apps Offer Potential Hundredfold Growth in CAE Usage

Democratizing CAE: Simulation Apps Offer Potential Hundredfold Growth in CAE Usage

Leveraging Simulation & Analysis Expertise

SimApps create expert define templates to provide multiple users with engineering tools.