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Webinar: Exploring the Impact of Systems Thinking & Model-Based Engineering

In this ground-breaking webinar series from NAFEMS and Revolution in Simulation, we’ll look beyond the present to the next ten years of advancements in simulation that are needed to support Systems Thinking for a Model-Based Enterprise. The series will explore how the latest technology trends and simulation methods will develop and impact our industry and society during the next decade. Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 | 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT

Digital Thread Latest Chapter in Rev-Sim Content Lineup

Independent organization expands coverage of key simulation topics as part of its mission to help democratize analysis-led design. Read Editor, Beth Stackpole's article in the March 2020 issue of Digital Engineering.

Webinar: Pervasive Systems Thinking & Simulation: Who, What, When, Where, Why & How?

How nTop Platform was used to design, analyze and print a fuel-cooled oil cooler

nTop engineers designed, analyzed and printed a fuel-cooled oil cooler using nTop Platform, ANSYS CFX and a new additive aluminum alloy developed by HRL Laboratories. This blog takes you from start to finish in the series that began in late 2019.

OnScale Joins the Revolution in Simulation Initiative

Unlock Breakthrough Heat Exchanger Designs with Gyroids

Engineers can now use additive manufacturing, topology optimization and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to build, shape, optimize and evaluate designs that were previously impossible to produce.

CAASE 20: Call for Abstracts

CFD Used to Explore Truck Platooning Technologies

Designing Lattice Structures for Biologically-Relevant Medical Implants

Software solutions like nTop Platform enable engineers to design medical implants that are biologically-relevant and optimized for osseointegration.

How nTop Platform Automates Engineering Workflows

Learn how nTopology's generative design software, nTop Platform, allows engineers to automate workflows, optimize designs, and go right to manufacturing.

Finally, Automated Filleting That Won’t Break Your Model!

Complex modeling operations, often seen as risky or fragile in traditional CAD software, do not fail in nTop Platform. Because of automation, things like large scale fillet operations can be condensed to a property or variable as part of a separate modeling operation.

5 Techniques for Lightweighting: Doing More With Less

Everyone wants lighter parts, be it for quicker cars, cheaper air travel, or simply bragging rights at your next group bike ride. But it's often difficult to know where to start, with the endless combinations of materials, processes, and design tools available today. Here's a list of 5 techniques to get you started on putting your parts on a diet.

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Series: Part 22

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 22

TotalSim US: Truck Add-On Predictor

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Series: Part 21

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 21

Virtual Testing of Severe Service Control Valve with Autodesk CFD in the AWS Cloud

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 20

Afton Chemical Corporation HPC Case Study: Fluid Performance

ASSESS Initiative Publishes Engineering Simulation Credibility Theme Positioning Paper

Integrating Simulation and Design in PLM

Making product development seamless and efficient across disciplinary boundaries requires blurring the lines between systems modeling, design, and analysis, while capturing a complete, accurate, traceable, and configuration-managed digital record of the product’s definition as it evolves—a complete Digital Thread of product data. Download this article from Digital Engineering.

Pointwise Launches Free Software for CFD Mesh Viewing and Examination

ASSESS Initiative Publishes Engineering Simulation Digital Twin(s) Theme Positioning Paper

Allovis Named New Pointwise Distributor in Italy

Pointwise Entering the Glass Industry via CelSian

ASSESS Initiative Announces ESI Group as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative

ASSESS Initiative Announces a Strategic Collaboration with the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL) at Georgia Tech

Advancing ADAS testing with machine learning and optimization techniques

ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems ) and AD (Autonomous Driving) systems are the next big frontier for automotive companies. The challenge lays in finding the right balance between minimizing the number of accidents and casualties while maximizing the comfort of traveling in complex conditions.

ASSESS Initiative Publishes Business Challenges Theme Positioning Paper

‘Revolution In Simulation’ Initiative Builds a Community Dedicated to Democratization

Experts, non-experts, companies, associations, and volunteers are coming together to create a public resource portal that supports advanced simulation across product development teams.

Pointwise Adds Hex-Core Meshing for Improved CFD Flow Solver Efficiency

ASSESS Initiative Publishes Strategic Insight Paper on the Generative Design

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Series: Part 19

Mesh Strategies for the FDA Benchmark Centrifugal Blood Pump

ASSESS Initiative Announces VCollab as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress

PSRE Co participated in the 2019 Nigerian Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference

The Path to Simulation

Boosted by new, easier to use tools and more readily available computer resources, simulation technology is increasingly used more frequently and earlier in the design process, and by a wider array of professionals.

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 18

HPC Case Study Valve Design: Clippard Instrument Laboratory had a proportional valve that was not delivering consistent performance. See how Democratizing HPC was able to help.

RevSim Coffee Break Series: Part 18

ASSESS Initiative Announces SciArt Software as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress

Webinar: Democratization of Simulation Governance-Compliant Sim Apps

Learn why it is essential that Sim Apps implement Numerical Simulation technologies which enable the practice of Sim Gov in order for the vision of democratization of simulations to be realized, as well as why it is important for engineering managers to get on the Sim Gov train sooner rather than later.

ESRD Celebrates 30 Years in Numerical Simulation Excellence

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Series: Part 17

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 17

Democratizing High Performance Computing: North Sea Asset Life Extension: Assessing Impacts on Helicopter Operations

ASSESS Initiative Announces Notes From the Front Speakers for the 2019 ASSESS Congress

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Series: Part 16

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 16

Democratizing HPC Case Study: Transmission Simulation

ASSESS Initiative Announces AMD as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Series: Part 15

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Series: Part 15

Case Study: Gas Liquid Two-Phase Flow Application - Evaluation of gas rate due to liquid flow in energy plant liquid storage facility

Webinar: Democratization of Simulation Governance-Compliant Sim Apps

ASSESS Initiative Announces INTES GmbH as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative