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Automated Meshing and Adaptive Re-Meshing at Bombardier

Discover how engineers at Bombardier developed the Meshing & Adaptive Re-meshing Server (MARS) with Cadence Pointwise’s Glyph scripting to create over 250,000 high-quality CFD meshes since 2017. MARS automates the meshing process, reduces meshing time, and ensures consistent user-agnostic meshes across geometry variations. In this presentation, learn how to: • Create high-quality meshes to resolve flows with reasonable cost • Use Glyph scripting to automate meshing for consistency, quality, and fast turn-around times • Encapsulate company best practices with templates for any geometry

This Week in CFD

Read John Chawner's "Another Fine Mesh" blog on all things CFD. This from the week of July 30, 2021.

Cadence Acquires Pointwise to Expand System Analysis Offerings Addressing CFD Meshing for Aerospace Applications

AzoreCFD Support Now Built-in to Latest Pointwise Meshing Software

Preparation of Geometry Models for Mesh Generation and CFD

Making geometry models suitable for CFD meshing is often a time-consuming bottleneck in CFD analysis. Here we will discuss why this is so and some ways to alleviate the problems.

28X Increase in Simulation Speed by Using Pointwise Meshes

Mesh Adaptation That Works!

Join Us for Five Days of Pointwise

Pointwise Introduces Intelligent Automatic Surface Meshing

Pointwise Signs Distribution Agreement with Tecplot Europe

Push-Button Design Optimization of a Race Car Front Wing

Automated Meshing and Adaptive Re-meshing at Bombardier

Flexible Meshing Enables Accurate CFD for Nuclear Reactor Rod Bundles

Reducing Boiler Emissions Through Shape Optimization

It’s all in the numbering – mesh renumbering may improve simulation speed

Renumbering (ordering) of the cells in the Finite Volume Method (FVM) can affect the performance of the linear solver and thus the speed of the simulation.

Car park Ventilation CFD with Pointwise, Caelus, CFX and FDS

Accurate Performance Predictions for Marine Propellers

Understanding Tractor Trailer Aerodynamics Using a Time Accurate Approach

Pointwise Enables Accurate CFD for Nuclear Reactor Rod Bundles

Latest Pointwise Release Includes 5X Faster Surface Meshing

Automated Meshing and Adaptive Re-meshing at Bombardier

Accurately Model Propeller Performance Using TCFD and Pointwise

How UAV Icing Simulations Help With Ice Protection

Maximize Performance while Reducing Costs with Automated Design Optimization

Pointwise Used in Topology Optimization of Automotive Components

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy Using Solution-Based Mesh Adaptation with Pointwise and ANSYS CFX

Push-button Design Optimization of a Race Car Front Wing

How to Mesh a Frozen Drone

On-Demand Pointwise Training is Now Available

Application of Pointwise T-Rex Meshing and CFD Modeling to the Analysis of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (S-CO2) Power Cycles

Application of Pointwise T-Rex Meshing and CFD Modeling to the Analysis of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (S-CO2) Power Cycles

2020 Prediction: Dr. Alan Chalker

Ohio Supercomputer's Dr. Alan Chalker shares his thoughts on 2020

Pointwise Enables Revolutionary Building Construction

Survey Launched on Mesh Types and Sizes Used for CFD

CFD Used to Explore Truck Platooning Technologies

What’s New in Pointwise V18.3 Webinar

Pointwise Launches Free Software for CFD Mesh Viewing and Examination

Allovis Named New Pointwise Distributor in Italy

Pointwise Entering the Glass Industry via CelSian

Webinar on Hybrid Conformal Meshing for Wind Farm CFD Applications

Pointwise Adds Hex-Core Meshing for Improved CFD Flow Solver Efficiency

Mesh Strategies for the FDA Benchmark Centrifugal Blood Pump

High-Order Curved Meshes for More Accurate CFD Solutions

Pointwise for Automotive CFD Simulation Workshop


Workshop on How to Increase Ship CFD Simulation Accuracy, Efficiency with Pointwise Meshing Flexibility

Using CFD and AI to Help Increase the Safety of Driverless Cars

The Revolution in Simulation Continues to Gain Momentum as Pointwise, Inc. Joins the Growing List of Sponsors

Automatic (not Automated) Meshing

In this Blog post, Pointwise President, John Chawner shares the company's work to automatically generate an unstructured or hybrid mesh on and around virtually any geometry model.

Big Wave Surfboard Optimization Using Pointwise and CRUNCH CFD