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Lockheed Martin Space utilizes integrated Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to simulate the mission trajectory of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft

Integration of Systems Models and Analytical Models Provides Order of Magnitude Time Savings

Northrop Grumman Phased Array Antenna

Systems Modelling and Simulation of the ESA e.Deorbit Space Debris Removal Mission

In the frame of the Architecture Definition phase, a highly integrated and collaborative MBSE process related to Systems Modeling and Simulation has been developed and applied for supporting the iterative generation and maturation of the system requirements, architectures and system budgets at phase B1 level. e.Deorbit is a compelling mission concept that addresses the most pressing debris challenge for Europe: the post-life disposal of ESA’s environmental satellite Envisat.

Multidisciplinary Optimization of an Electric Motor for an Automobile and Extension to a Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach

Designing a modern electric motor for an electrified automobile requires striking the perfect balance between cost, weight, and performance. From a modeling and simulation standpoint, predicting the overall performance of the motor requires multiple multi-disciplinary analyses, including electromagnetic, thermal, and stress analyses.

Submarine Hull Design Optimization

Integrating Systems Modeling with Simulation Helps Ensure Robust Space Debris Removal Mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) is studying an active debris removal mission called e.deorbit which is intended to capture an ESA-owned derelict satellite in low orbit and safely crash it on Earth.

Rigor at the Speed of Relevance – The Symbolic Relationship of Model-Based Engineering & Simulation

This presentation discusses the advantages of using automated validation to generate a descriptive system model with synchronized structure and behavior and illustrate ways in which this information can be transformed to support modeling and simulation. The use of models for failure analysis, sprint planning, and classification/data rights management is also presented.

The Revolution in Simulation Initiative Continues to Expand as Phoenix Integration Joins a Growing Alliance of Sponsors

Phoenix Integration