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Learn Pipe Stress Analysis from the Experts (Free Webinar Recordings & Presentations)

To support the launch of that new significant version of the modern pipe stress analysis software PASS/START-PROF 4.84, PASS Team held a series of industry-related webinars. The webinars covered the main features and supported codes of PASS/START-PROF for a specific industry as well as the presentation of new software options. In this article, we will learn the stress analysis basics directly from the developers of the oldest piping stress analysis software.

Stiffness Method vs Flexibility Method for Pipe Stress Analysis

Widely used pipe stress analysis software PASS/START-PROF uses the structural mechanics methods for beam structures. The piping system is considered as consisting of straight and curved beams. Straight beams are pipes, rigid elements and valves, while curved beams are the bends.

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