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How University of Washington is Developing a Novel Medical Device with OnScale Simulation

How Verathon Used OnScale to Cut Their Simulation Time by 80%

Simulation-Powered AI with OnScale & MATLAB

This white paper discusses how synthetic datasets for training AI can be generated in hours using the OnScale cloud simulation platform. The demonstrated approach of using synthetic datasets to train AI networks can drastically reduce cost, risk, and time for the development of new hardware technologies.

OnScale Providing Free Cloud Core-Hours to Customers to Mitigate Engineering Productivity Loss Related to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Guest Blogger: Dr. David Freed

In this Rev-Sim Guest Post, OnScale CTO, Dr. David Freed shares his views on the coming decade. Freed believes that engineering simulation will be hugely impacted by, and become inextricably entwined with, machine learning / artificial intelligence (ML/AI). Do you agree? Read all about it in this Rev-Sim Guest Post!


OnScale Joins the Revolution in Simulation Initiative

David Freed – Topic Moderator for High Performance Computing


OnScale Revolutionizes CAE Licensing with a Pay-as-you-Simulate SaaS Model