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Designing a Gyroid-Based Radiator: Bringing Together CAD and nTopology in a Single Workflow

In this webinar, Professor Olaf Diegel presents a workflow for designing a gyroid-based radiator, a type of air-to-liquid heat exchanger, in nTopology.

Meshing in FEA, CFD & Manufacturing

Accurate mesh generation is a critical step of every engineering design workflow that involves FE analyses, CFD simulations, or Additive Manufacturing. Here, we give you practical tips and design considerations for meshing parts with complex geometries, like lattice structures, using nTopology’s powerful meshing capabilities.

How to Design High-Performance Filters for Additive Manufacturing

Filtering contaminants from high-temperature and high-pressure flows can often justify the use of additive manufacturing, especially when the performance enhancements provided by advanced design techniques are considered. This article demonstrates this through two design examples and describes how these techniques can apply to other applications, such as boosting reaction rates in catalytic processes.

Stratasys | nTopology Design Competition: Jigs & Fixtures

nTopology 3.0: Advanced Engineering Design Faster Than Ever Before

Virtual Speaker Series: Simulation in Engineering Product Development

KW Micro Power Creates Lightweight Multifunctional Microturbine Housing with Embedded Cooling Channels

nTop Live: Automated Reconstruction of Topology Optimization from Altair OptiStruct in nTopology

In this nTop Live, Andrew Sartorelli, Product Manager at nTopology, shows you how to import topology optimization results from Altair Optistruct® and automatically reconstruct the geometry to produce a manufacturable part.

Topology Optimization Additive Manufacturing Constraints in nTop Platform

In the recent nTop Platform 2.24 update, we introduced the topology optimization overhang constraint for Additive Manufacturing. In this blog post, we take a deeper look at the unique capabilities of this new feature and how it allows you to create optimization workflows that are different from every other solution currently in the market.

Impact Footwear Brings to Market Customizable Flip Flops in Under 12 Months Using Design Automation & Architected Materials

Engineering Team Passes Full-Flight Qualification for F-16 Aircraft AM Spare Part in Just 30 days

Paper: Field-Driven Design

Field-Driven Design is a methodology enabled by the unique capabilities of nTop Platform. Field-Driven Design is a radically better way to generate & control complex part geometry for engineering, manufacturing, and product development. This whitepaper describes the general concepts of Field-Driven Design, how to create and use fields in nTop Platform, and how to use this unique design methodology to unlock new applications.

Looking back at 2020: nTopology’s Year in Review

Over the past 12 months, nTop Platform has evolved into an advanced engineering product development platform. Engineering teams are using our software to tackle the most challenging problems. With 2020 soon coming to a close, now is the perfect time for an end-of-the-year retrospective. Here are the nTop highlights of the year.

Generative Design with Complete Control

Generative Design is a holistic methodology that augments the capabilities of engineers with digital tools, enabling them to innovate faster. In this 20+ page guide, we explain how you can use nTop Platform as a powerful Generative Design toolbox that gives you complete control over every aspect of your design workflows.

Generative Design Tools That Put You In Control

Generative Design is getting a lot of attention — but what is it exactly? Here is why the current Generative Design concepts fall short and how nTop’s alternative approach enables you to unlock its full potential today.

Custom Generative Design Workflows using nTop Platform

In this webinar, Yamaichi Special Steel explains how they combined the advanced capabilities of nTop Platform with their own custom software (Cognitive Additive & OptiBot) to create a generative design workflow tailored to their needs.

Flexible Metal – Leveraging Powerful Design Tools to Create Compliant Medical Devices

Titanium is the blank canvas on which advanced additive designs can be placed.

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) for Metal Processes

In this speaker series, experts in the field of Design for Additive Manufacturing will discuss applications for metal 3D printing and the constant trade off between engineering requirements and design for the manufacturing process.

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) for Metal Processes

In this speaker series, experts in the field of Design for Additive Manufacturing will discuss applications for metal 3D printing and the constant trade off between engineering requirements and design for the manufacturing process.

Alkaios Bournias Varotsis

Whitepaper: nTopology Modeling Technology

This document describes the modeling technology used in nTop Platform, and explains how this differs from the approach used in current CAD systems. As we will see, nTop uses a completely different approach to solid modeling, which delivers large and sustainable advantages in reliability, speed, and scalability.

CAASE20: Additively Manufactured High-Performance Heat Exchangers

Maiki Vlahinos, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology, describes the simulation-driven methodology he followed to improve the performance of an advanced heat exchanger by 300%; specifically, a Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler for aerospace applications.

Unlocking Advanced Heat Exchanger Design and Simulation with nTop Platform and ANSYS CFX

This report will document the design process of a Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler (FCOC) from initial design in CAD, process steps in nTop Platform, and final Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis steps in ANSYS CFX. This document should serve as a reference for nTopology users to perform similar simulations on their own designs.

How nTop Platform was used to design, analyze and print a fuel-cooled oil cooler

nTop engineers designed, analyzed and printed a fuel-cooled oil cooler using nTop Platform, ANSYS CFX and a new additive aluminum alloy developed by HRL Laboratories. This blog takes you from start to finish in the series that began in late 2019.

Unlock Breakthrough Heat Exchanger Designs with Gyroids

Engineers can now use additive manufacturing, topology optimization and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to build, shape, optimize and evaluate designs that were previously impossible to produce.


Video: How to create high performance geometry with nTop Platform Software

Creating complex geometry simply and mixing lattice structures with easy in nTop Platform.

Designing Lattice Structures for Biologically-Relevant Medical Implants

Software solutions like nTop Platform enable engineers to design medical implants that are biologically-relevant and optimized for osseointegration.

How nTop Platform Automates Engineering Workflows

Learn how nTopology's generative design software, nTop Platform, allows engineers to automate workflows, optimize designs, and go right to manufacturing.

Finally, Automated Filleting That Won’t Break Your Model!

Complex modeling operations, often seen as risky or fragile in traditional CAD software, do not fail in nTop Platform. Because of automation, things like large scale fillet operations can be condensed to a property or variable as part of a separate modeling operation.

5 Techniques for Lightweighting: Doing More With Less

Everyone wants lighter parts, be it for quicker cars, cheaper air travel, or simply bragging rights at your next group bike ride. But it's often difficult to know where to start, with the endless combinations of materials, processes, and design tools available today. Here's a list of 5 techniques to get you started on putting your parts on a diet.

ASSESS Initiative Announces nTopology as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative