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VCollab Selected to Present at NAFEMS Americas Conference

NAFEMS Americas Extends NRC 22 Abstract Deadline

NAFEMS Americas Regional Conference Call for Abstracts

ASSESS Initiative Announces NAFEMS as an ASSESS 2022 Complete Gold Sponsor

NAFEMS Call for Abstracts

Generative Design: Making the Impossible a Reality

While engineers and designers can provide the best starting points, design exploration can quickly build on those parameters and generate the most effective and refined alternatives that we may never have thought possible. The engineering simulation community is now embracing this technology more than ever before.

NAFEMS Announces 2021 World Congress Keynote Speakers

NAFEMS Course: Why Do Engineering Simulation?

The course investigates engineering simulation using the 5W1H process and provides the basic reasons for its use, including real world case studies and examples. It describes the basic requirements that are needed, such as computers, software and engineering resources including some history and briefly outlines a few of the most common methods employed.

NAFEMS E-Learning Courses

NAFEMS World Conference Call for Papers

Vendor Viewpoint: Generative Design

To complement this issue on generative design, Ian Symington, NAFEMS Technical Officer, reached out to members of the NAFEMS Vendor Network to get their thoughts on the topic.

Generative Design

Ian Symington, NAFEMS Technical Officer, reached out to members of the NAFEMS Vendor Network to get their thoughts on Generative Design.

Webinar: The Digital Thread & SPDM

For simulation to have a broader financial impact on an enterprise, SPDM must be deployed seamlessly within the broader enterprise, especially as required to support implementations of Digital Threads and Digital Twins. This webinar will explore how these platform concepts can advance the use and impact of analysis and simulation in the coming decade.

Webinar: The Digital Thread & SPDM – Will This Bring Simulation Out of the Shadows?


What is a Probabilistic or Stochastic Analysis?

A safe design is determined by attaining a prescribed minimum failure probability, or satisfying performance criteria within limits of its mean and standard deviation. The need for probabilistic and stochastic analysis is driven by the requirements of norms and standards and by the practical and economic constraints placed on experimentation. Read more in this NAFEMS pamphlet.

What is Simulation Data Management?

Simulation Data Management (SDM) uses database solutions to enable users to manage structures of simulation and process data across the complete product lifecycle. SDM artifacts can be data, models, processes, documents and metadata relevant to modeling, simulation, and analysis.

What is Verification & Validation?

Verification is the domain of mathematics and Validation is the domain of physics. Read more in this NAFEMS pamphlet.

What is Sensitivity Analysis?

Mathematically, a sensitivity is a partial derivative of some measure of the performance of a product, such as the aerodynamic drag or the stress at a point, with respect to a parameter representing a physical property of the product or its environment. In this context sensitivity analysis provides a measure of the effect of small perturbations, local to the initial design. Read more in this NAFEMS pamphlet.

What is Functional Mock-Up Interface?

The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) was developed as an international standard for systems modeling. It addresses many of the issues associated with sharing of simulation information both inside and outside the enterprise. Read more in this NAFEMS pamphlet.

What is Uncertainty Quantification (UQ)?

As the complexity of design solutions increases it becomes difficult to define the"worst case scenario” and identify the appropriate reserve margin for any given situation. This results in situations where designs are over- or under-designed. The use of UQ techniques addresses these issues directly. Read more in this NAFEMS pamphlet.

What is Systems Modeling & Simulation?

The digitalization of our lives today is driving an ever faster-paced environment. Developing products based on skills and capability in specific engineering domains is no longer sufficient. Read more about Systems Modeling and Simulation in this pamphlet from NAFEMS.

What is Simulation Governance & Management?

Developing a simulation governance strategy is necessary to build and nurture modeling and simulation capabilities and a company’s confidence in those capabilities. Read more about it in this pamphlet from NAFEMS.

Webinar Recording: Pervasive Systems Thinking & Simulation: Who, What, When, Where, Why & How?

Webinar Recording - This webinar establishes a fundamental understanding of Systems Thinking as a critical complement to the reductionist design approach. We will explore the need for pervasive simulation across the entire product lifecycle as a critical tool for the design, manufacture and maintenance of tomorrow’s interconnected multidisciplinary products.


NAFEMS Americas and Digital Engineering (DE) are teaming up (once again) to present CAASE, the Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering, June 16-18 in Indianapolis! CAASE20 will bring together the leading visionaries, developers, and practitioners of CAE-related technologies in an open forum, unlike any other, to share experiences, discuss relevant trends, discover common themes, and explore future issues.

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An Introduction to Simulation Process & Data Management

This webinar will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of Simulation Data Management for practitioners and managers. It will serve as an introduction to those new to the technology of SPDM. It will also summarise the state of the art based on the proceedings of the NAFEMS European SPDM conference of December 2018. It will provide a foundation for delegates intending to attend the upcoming NAFEMS International SPDM conference and World Congress.

CAASE 20: Call for Abstracts

Aras to Demonstrate Simulation Capabilities at NAFEMS World Congress 2019

CAASE 20 – Save the Date!

ASSESS Initiative Announces NAFEMS as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative

Creative Fields to exhibit at NAFEMS Seminar in Zagreb, Craotia

NAFEMS European Keynote on Digital Twins

At the NAFEMS European Conference in Budapest in October 2018 (focus topic: Multiphysics Simulation), the Moderator of the Digital Twins "How It Works" area of Revolution in Simulation (Dennis Nagy) presented a keynote on the definitions and current status of Digital Twins. Take a look.

Introduction to Engineering Simulation for Non-Specialists

That upfront engineering simulation stuff is fast encroaching on your job, and you're feeling adrift. What do you do now?

Fit for Purpose App at ZF & TRW Automotive

NAFEMS Announces Call for Papers

CAASE 2018 Recap Highlights Democratized Simulation

RevolutionInSimulation.Org Public Web Portal Launched to Support Simulation for Everyone

CAASE18: The Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering

Numerous Democratization Success Stories at CAASE18

Gathering of the Democratization Community at CAASE18


Democratization Success Stories to be Presented at CAASE18

Matt Ladzinski – Topic Moderator for Success Stories

The Changing Role of Simulation Brings New Business Challenges

Opening presentation for NAFEMS 2020 webinar series Business Challenges topic

NAFEMS 2020 Webinar Series

NAFEMS Americas partnered with a number of industry thought leaders and end-users companies to host a series of webinars.

CAASE18 Preview: FDA on the Use of FEA to Simulate and Validate Medical Devices

Tina Morrison, Deputy Director, Division of Applied Mechanics, Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, U.S. FDA will present at CAASE 2018.

Highly Usable Apps at Intel

Expert Knowledge Capture & Reuse at American-Axle & NASA