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Hexagon MSC Software

Hexagon MSC Software

Ex-MSC VP Doug Neill founds Computational Engineering Software for integrated computational materials engineering

Doug Neill, a 22-year MSC Software veteran whose career includes 11 years as VP of the company’s R&D group, has founded a new company providing software and services for ICME—integrated computational materials engineering. Computational Engineering Software, LLC’s mission is to help engineering and manufacturing organizations “optimize your composite design through advanced simulation.”

How Simulation Is Managed at Embraer

Before SPDM was implemented, the simulation process suffered from a lack of traceability, difficulty in reproducing results, no version control, a slow execution and little security. Embraer started using SPDM software called SimManager by MSC Software, the company best known for the most commercially successful version of NASTRAN (conceived at NASA), de rigueur at every established aerospace firm.

Aras Expands Partnership with MSC Software Corporation for Enhanced Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM)