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Traceability in Simulation Processes

For many years standards for configuration management and systems engineering exist. But for realizing traceability in simulation much more details had to be clarified and specified, so that neutral/open and not vendor-proprietary solutions can be realized.

Modelica Announces Upcoming Conference

ANSYS Twin Builder released

With today’s release of ANSYS 19.1, we deliver a powerful new tool for taming complexity and bringing innovation to market.

Less is more: MBSE for unified model representation in simulation

Unified model representation enhances knowledge-capture efficiency across multiple disciplines

When fast isn’t fast enough

If you would get access to the heart of development at a top Formula 1 team, chances are high that you would find they simulate their vehicle-handling behavior using Modelica models -- the same holds true for NASCAR. Dymola and the Vehicle Dynamics Library (VDL) are the de-facto standards for simulating car handling in the premiere motorsports leagues. In this post, I will explain why.

System Simulation in a heterogeneous World

The arrival of the Functional-Mockup-Interface (FMI) has been a game changer by simplifying the combination of models from different tools.

Cross Tidal Kites to Harvest Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy Tamed by Modelon. Modelica based system simulation is the key enabler for product innovation.

Integrating Executable Requirements to Accelerate Design Iterations

Executable requirements speed up the system level verification and validation process

Reviewing Architecture-Based Approaches for Vehicle Modeling

The Modelica language offers first class support for representing system architecture in models. This enables both architecture exploration and the development of product families.