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What Is the Role of AI in Simulation?

The term “AI” has been freighted with meanings in the popular imagination long before realizing practical uses. Now that AI is finally showing its value, we can examine what it means in manufacturing and engineering, specifically for uses in simulation.

AI Roadmap: Engineering Success with Data and Strategy

AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It offers concrete benefits in all areas of engineering, manufacturing, and operations. Artificial intelligence (AI) has an enormous potential to advance industries and change the way we work, live, and create.

Data Analytics & AI Services for Manufacturing

A lot of companies have slowly become “data rich” but they are still “wisdom poor,” as much of their collected data goes unused and un-managed. How can manufacturers move ahead with AI projects efficiently and successfully? This post covers a few of the key concepts for industrial AI in engineering and manufacturing.

Benefits and Challenges of Electrification & Digitalization

Electrification and digitalization are omnipresent in all aspects of modern life –from how we drink coffee to how our food is produced and to the complex behind-the-scenes processes of how we manufacture products.

Constant Change: An Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Perspective

Change Notice, a weekly video podcast hosted by Instrumental Inc., seeks to address the topic in conversation with product design engineering leaders. In a recent episode, Maya HTT’s Remi Duquette joined host Anna-Katrina Shedletsky for a deep dive into the changes he’s seen over the last 10+ years.

AI-Readiness Assessment: Find out what the next step is towards your successful AI journey!

Answer this survey to understand your AI maturity level, and equally important, get the resulting report to ensure you take the right next step towards successful AI operations. Typical Stakeholder: VP, Director, Manager for Maintenance, Operations, Plant, Fleet, and Service management

AI Discussions: Transformative quality and productivity

How can discrete and continuous manufacturing take full advantage of rising digital technologies? Will the deployment of machine learning succeed, even in “dirty” industrial environments?

Set Up and Run Multiphysics CFD Simulations Faster with Simcenter STAR-CCM+’s Latest Release

STAR-CCM+ can now serve your innovation team better than ever with its new 2022.1 release.

Shaky business? Random base excitation simulation offers accuracy and efficiency

This white paper takes a deep, technical dive into the pitfalls of random base excitation simulation, offering solutions to help you obtain accurate results efficiently, with limited computation time. Discover the keys to improve your random analysis workflow while reducing costs.

A New Era of Air Mobility: VTOL achieves new heights with a digital twin approach

This webinar goes into specific detail about how to address certification challenges, including: Structural loads and performance, Flutter, Landing and take-off, Structural occupant protection, High frequency electromagnetic simulation, Noise and vibration, and Electric drive.

Vehicle Electrification Lunch and Simulate Webinar Series

This series of four webinars offers solutions to the challenges of next-gen electromechanical design.

Jet fan placement ensures optimal air quality and flow

Hybrid engine tech delivers competitive and agile access to space

How to Rapidly and Simultaneously Update Multiple Structural Dynamic Models

Simcenter 3D FE Model Update helps improve the fidelity of simulations. By adjusting the model’s material and physical properties parameters (called Design Variables), it is possible to produce a close match to actual product performance.

Powering Up Complexity: Whole-Engine Turbomachinery Performance

Assessing thermal-mechanical performance takes more than looking at the individual components separately. You must consider whole engine. How do you go about doing that as efficiently as possible? Hint: one engineer working alone to develop a whole engine model won’t cut it. A better approach to accelerating performance engineering is to divide the workload into sub-assemblies and combine models in assembly FEMs.

Powering Up Complexity: Parameterized Missions and Realistic Turbomachinery Models

This post explores how to assess thermo-mechanical performance and behavior in the context of the different missions the final product will undertake.

Powering Up Complexity: Engineering High-Efficiency Turbomachinery

This series of posts looks at the thermo-mechanical performance engineering needed to ensure systems and components remain safe and achieve the best performance, even under high stresses and temperatures. These posts also explore how to ensure the design and development process is as seamless, collaborative and efficient as possible to reduce error, cost and development time.

Creating an Electric Future for Aviation: Projet HERA

Hybrid engine tech delivers competitive and agile access to space

Electrification – Battery modeling

Modeling battery systems and improving performance with simulation and optimization. This webinar explores the complex problem of battery systems design, testing and analysis for electric vehicles.

Revolution in Simulation Announces Maya HTT as Newest Sponsor