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Dassault Showcases Kinetic Vision

Kinetic Vision Wins Development Award

Using Digital Twins to Develop, Test, and Optimize Complex Systems

A True Digital Twin replicates the proposed physical space, and includes all mechanical, robotic, sensor, vision, AI, and computer systems, while simultaneously incorporating real human action and interaction. Humans experience the system in virtual reality (VR), with concurrent motion capture driving their avatars in real time. The avatars interact with virtual objects and their physical “stand ins”, which are also motion-tracked. All aspects of the system, including hardware, software, AI training data/models, and human interaction, are developed, tested and optimized virtually using a proprietary software platform.

Use Digital Twins To Virtually Test Products

The use of virtual testing has increased because of the closures of many physical testing labs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Revolution in Simulation sponsor Kinetic Vision has seen an increase in clients requesting virtual testing services using digital twins. In this article and video learn how the company's modeling and simulation teams are helping Fortune 100 customers to perform virtual testing of new products under development.

Kinetic Vision

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Introducing Deep Vision Data, a Division of Kinetic Vision

Kinetic Vision

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