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Digital Twin Software for Data Centers

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as well as historical and real-time data, 6SigmaDCX creates a dynamic data center digital twin, or the 6Sigma Digital Twin.

Reimagine Your Automotive Data Center Design and Operations

This blog shines a light on one of Europe’s largest automotive manufacturers and how they improved cooling across all data center halls to minimize risk and maximize energy efficiency using the 6Sigma Digital Twin, and in doing so, they yielded greater benefits for the long-term.

6SigmaDCX Release 16 Drives Performance for Enterprise Data Centers

Future Facilities 6SigmaDCX product suite creates a 6Sigma Digital Twin of your data center that simulates its physical behavior under any operating scenario. Understanding your organization’s crucial performance metrics, including capacity utilization, power, airflow, and cooling, from a science-based simulation perspective enables effective capacity planning and smooth operations.

Survey: The State of Thermal 2022

The State of Thermal Survey 2022 is now live! Take part in this year's short survey to share your views on the current state of thermal simulation and you'll be entered to win a Sonos Sound System as a prize for completing the survey. The survey answers will be anonymized. Start the short survey now!

Improving Performance in a Mission-Critical Financial Services Facility


6SigmaET is a leading electronics thermal simulation software with state-of-the-art intelligence, automation, and accuracy.

6SigmaET by Future Facilities Launches the 16th Version of its Thermal Simulation Software for the Electronics Industry, Release 16.

Building the UK Innovation Corridor’s Home for HPC and AI

Kaiser Permanente successfully modernizes legacy data centers with digital twin technology

Data Center Solutions: Helping Financial Enterprises Maximize Performance

Financial enterprises are embracing digitalization and new high-density equipment to empower split-second decision-making and transactions. What steps will enterprise organizations need to take to extend the life of existing facilities given these growing demands? Future Facilities and Black & Veatch present Data Center Solutions: Helping Financial Enterprises Maximize Performance, an eBook revealing the success of one leading global organization in the financial industry.

Putting the ‘Precision’ in Precision Air Conditioning

Digital Twins and Monitoring

This blog post explores how Digital Twins and Monitoring Systems Work Together.

Digital Twins and DCIM

It is a common misconception that digital twin software and DCIM are competitors. This post examines instead how digital twins and DCIM are complementary toolsets.


Digital Twins and Monitoring

How Do Digital Twins and Monitoring Systems Work Together? In the data center industry, it’s a given that having the right data is essential for making sound decisions throughout design and operations. But agreeing on how best to get that data is a different story.

Kao Data: Using CFD Analysis to Design and Build the UK Innovation Corridor’s Home for HPC and AI

Colocation Data Center Case Study: Thésée DataCenter

What is the Role of a Data Center Digital Twin in a Changing Landscape?

Creating a Digital Twin or virtual copy of the data center is the surest way to navigate the changes your data center faces. This blog will walk you through where and how a Digital Twin fits into the constantly changing landscape that is the data center industry.

Data Centers: What is Engineering Simulation?

Engineering Simulation is used in many industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Electronics Design to make critical decisions while saving money. For the Data Center industry, it predicts airflow and temperature distribution regardless of the status of the site.

Putting the Precision in Precision Air

Innovative Cooling Design: Delivering Capacity and Resilience with Confidence

Can simulation help professionals return to the office?

Many organizations are beginning to implement plans to return to the office. The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone rethinking office spaces, especially the all too common open-office space.

New Insights: Enabling New Data Center Technology with Simulation-Based Digital Twins

Simulation-based digital twins, especially when implementing new data center technology, streamline data center design and operations management.

6SigmaDCX Release 15: What’s New

The Digital Twin provides a collaborative framework and the necessary design tools to drive informed, real-time decisions regarding thermal risk and capacity utilization. 6SigmaDCX Release 15 streamlines data center design and management with new big data features, faster model creation and automation across the board.

Containment Design: Reducing Time to Market for New Technologies

Data Center Digital Twins E-Book

This e-book outlines the necessity for unlocking your data center’s business potential.

The Data Center Digital Twin

Our vision is a world where all data centers can realize their business potential. To make this vision a reality, we are pioneering the concept of the Digital Twin for data center design and management.

Engineering Data Centers: A Case Study of a Modern Science-Based Design

You may not know it, but today data centers are crucial: they underpin daily life throughout society. Every time you use common tools on the Internet like Google, Facebook, or YouTube, a data center somewhere is involved in this process.

Engineering Data Centers: A Case Study of a Modern Science-Based Design

How to Build a Digital Twin to Improve Your Data Center

Deploying any change within your data center can seem daunting. But with a data center Digital Twin you can undertake virtual testing of those changes, using physics-based simulation, ensuring nothing goes into a live environment that hasn’t already been assessed for performance.

Future Facilities

The Revolution in Simulation Continues to Expand as Future Facilities Joins the Growing Global Alliance of Participants

Future Facilities Revolutionizes Data Center Management with the New Digital Twin

Future Facilities Video Series

Future Facilities company and data center digital twins overview video series.

Video Series: The Digital Twin

A six-part video series on data center digital twins.

6SigmaRoom: Data Center Design and Operations

6SigmaRoom is the industry’s leading data center CFD tool. It is part of the 6SigmaDCX software suite, which integrates IT and engineering operations in capacity planning.

The Data Center Digital Twin

Our vision is a world where all data centers can realize their business potential. To make this vision a reality, we are pioneering the concept of the Digital Twin for data center design and management.

Citigroup & NYSERDA FlexTech Project

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