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Predictive Maintenance: A Hold Out from the AI Revolution, SOLVED!

Roadmap to Digital Twin 2.0

Real Digital Twin for a Complex Process

Data Driven models require Big-Data to perform well which is expensive, complicated to manage and in some cases difficult or impossible to get. However, PIMLᵀᴹ technology integrates physics and Machine Learning requiring only Small-Data.

Physics Informed Machine Learning (PIML™): Surrogate Models Providing Deeper Insights with Less Data

Patent Pending Physics Informed Machine Learning (PIML™) Surrogates: Have greater blind tested predictive accuracy than data-driven machine learning methods, Require significantly less data to train than data-driven machine learning methods, Provide greater insight into the underlying dynamics of the system than data-driven machine learning methods, Have been validated for a variety of complex problems

Monetizing Digital: Where Engineering Meets Dollars

Market trends push for increased product digitalization. These trends include: Customer buying outcomes & experiences rather than products, AI has enabled the design of intelligent product that can tune their behavior to the required operating environment, There is a desire to move from “big data” to algorithms capable of handling the “small data” problems.

Simulation, AI & Digital Twins: An Intelligent Response to the COVID19 Pandemic

Digital twins most important mission may be to keep the human species alive long enough at the start of a pandemic virus that is highly lethal, very transmittable, and with long periods of asymptomatic transmission.

Partnership Between Front End Analytics and Georgia Tech’s Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory

ASSESS Initiative Announces Front End Analytics as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative

Fit for Purpose App at ZF & TRW Automotive

A Business Centric Approach to Simulation Democratization

A Business Centric Approach to Democratized Simulation

From the CAASE 18 conference, Front End Analytics' Juan Betts discusses implementation of Democratized Simulation in large and complex organizations.

RevolutionInSimulation.Org Public Web Portal Launched to Support Simulation for Everyone

Gathering of the Democratization Community at CAASE18

Front End Analytics (FEA)

Juan Betts – Topic Moderator for Democratizing Simulation

Democratizing CAE at GKN Driveline