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Engineering Design, Simulation, and Shape Optimization

In this whitepaper, specialists from Onshape®, SimScale®, and ESTECO cover the implementation of a modern design-simulate-optimize workflow in the product development cycle.

Syroco Uses ESTECO Technology to Design Fast Sailboat

Digital Engineering: Why every (yes every!) engineer should be part of the MDO process

It is clear that democratization of MDO and company wide collaboration can only happen with a friendly to use modern commercial server-based framework that integrates any existing tool, manages the simulation and process data, and offers flexibility regarding distributed execution.

Webinar: Accelerate Aircraft Design with Model-based Design Automation and Collaborative MDO

What is Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Automatic evolution of mutants by means of modeFRONTIER software

An automated approach for generation of virtual mutants and virtual screening for new catalytic activities is presented. This approach would like to be complementary and integrate theoretical approaches by designing a framework embracing different computational methods, such as docking and molecular dynamics, QM-QM/MM methods and QSAR optimization strategies.

Optimization in Medical Physics using modeFRONTIER and GEANT4

This presentation covers: Medical Physics and Radiotherapy, Geant4 - open source simulation toolkit, modeFRONTIER and Geant4 - a software integration and result

Server-based MDO: the Preferred Architecture of the Future

Read this article on the benefits of server-based MDO compared to desktop solutions, with some lessons learned from the AFRL EXPEDITE program!

Expanded MDO for Effectiveness Based Design Technologies: The EXPEDITE Program and Successes with ESTECO Technologies

Aerospace, Tear Down These Walls

Multidisciplinary Optimization in Aerospace: Enable Real Change

Roel Van De Velde – Topic Moderator for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Complexity, Performance, and Cost: the changing landscape of MDO

Higher complexity doesn't imply higher cost

VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2019 | Winter now available

Advancing ADAS testing with machine learning and optimization techniques

ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems ) and AD (Autonomous Driving) systems are the next big frontier for automotive companies. The challenge lays in finding the right balance between minimizing the number of accidents and casualties while maximizing the comfort of traveling in complex conditions.

ESTECO Turns 20 Years Old

Key ingredients of effective decision making in the era of collaborative engineering

ESTECO President, Carlo Poloni shares some ingredients that have proven to be essential for effective decision making in the digital world.

VOLTA Release 2019 | Spring now available

ESTECO Joins the Growing List of Rev-Sim Sponsors