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SPDM: From Extreme Disappointment to the Democratization of Simulation?

From - Verdi Ogewell posted on February 06, 2019

Simulation Only at Validation; There’s Got to Be Another Way

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools have the power to take the gut feel and rules of thumb out of the engineering world. The old guard shouting, “This is the way we always did it,” won’t cut it in today’s market.

Expanding Simulation with New Technology, Apps and Democratization Tools

The industry is aiming to make simulation more pervasive. To do that, you must first make simulation usable by non-experts and ensure that there is a steady supply of experts to verify the works of others.

How to Fix Simulation by Going Lean

Mark Zebrowski, a former automotive simulation analyst, suggests that simulation can allow zero hardware prototypes if used strategically.

Simulation Boom Stalls. CAE Experts Needed to Make Engineering Apps

Computer-aided engineering (CAE), software continues to suffer from being the outsider at the party, despite predictions of its popularity.

Launching the Simulation Revolution

A Path to Simulation Democratization Highlights Democratized Simulation

Game Over – Humans No Match for AI, But What About Engineering?'s Roopinder Tara asks: Can artificial intelligence help us with simulation?

CAE Industry Experts Predict Future of Simulation's Shawn Wasserman recaps the Democratized Simulation track from the 2015 NAFEMS World Congress.

Bringing Casting Simulations Early in Part Development Cycles

The computer-aided engineering (CAE) industry is seeing a trend toward the democratization of simulation tools.

5 CAE Industry Strategies to Bring Simulation to More Engineers's Shawn Wasserman writes about the 5 CAE Industry Strategies to Bring Simulation to More Engineers

COMSOL Brings LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS Integration into Simulation Apps

Users will now be able to access LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS in COMSOL’s Application Builder.

Altair’s Open-Architecture Integrated CAE Platform Supports Conceptual and Systems Design's Shawn Wasserman writes about Conceptual and Systems Design Fuels Open-Architecture Integrated CAE.

Simulation in the Cloud is Becoming Mainstream's John Hayes explains that - when it comes to simulation - its time to get your head in the clouds.