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What is Democratization of Simulation and Model Deployment?

“Democratization” is a bit more than just “deployment”. We can “deploy” a spreadsheet calculator or MATLAB model simply by emailing it to a group of recipients, or putting it on a network drive or a portal such as SharePoint. That is NOT the same as “democratizing” – ensuring SAFE and SECURE access, plus the ability for users to run the model, WITHOUT deep knowledge of the underlying technology, and WITHOUT making mistakes.

The Case for Democratizing Simulation

In this presentation from CAASE20, EASA's Sebastian Dewhurst provides an update on the state of democratizing simulation.

Creating Intuitive Software to Enhance Physical Product Offerings at Hyde Marine

How The Appification of Simulation is Changing SPDM

The democratization of simulation and design optimization is proving to be an increasingly important goal as enterprises realize that greater collaboration can lead to significant advancements – and ultimately position an enterprise as the innovative leader in their industry.

What is Sim App

2020 Prediction: Seb Dewhurst

EASA's Seb Dewhurst shares his thoughts on the coming year.

From simulation powered design to predictive digital twins

EASA's Sebastian Dewhurst discusses how much faster the learning process would be if an algorithm "knew". There would be far fewer failures early on, and far less data would be required.


ASSESS Initiative Announces EASA Software as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative

Democratizing Modeling and Simulation by “Appification”

"Companies are beginning to realize that they are sitting on a gold-mine of untapped potential." Read on to learn more!

Rev-Sim Webinar Series: Can Non-Experts Safely Utilize Advanced Modeling & Workflows?

Rev-Sim's Malcolm Panthaki and EASA's Mike Nieburg answer the question... Can non-experts safely utilize advanced modeling and workflows?

Engineering with Excel

With the right tools and best practices, organizations can move the digital thread forward and keep Excel.

Webinar: Democratizing Simulation… Can Non-Experts Safely Utilize Advanced Modeling Tools and Workflows?

Webinar: Democratizing Simulation – The Business Case for Enabling Non-Experts to Safely Utilize Advanced Modeling Tools and Workflows

Engineering with Excel

Digital Engineering Editor, Beth Stackpole writes about the future of Excel in today's PLM environment.

Fit for Purpose App at ZF & TRW Automotive

EASA Advanced Low-Code Development Democratizes Complex Simulation Models

The Web App Approach to Simulation Democratization

One powerful approach to Democratizing Simulation is the technique of web applications.'s Michael Alba writes about EASA's simulation web apps.

Democratizing Engineering Models

EASA Software's Tim Valachovic and Pat Pennington provide this workshop at the CAASE 18 conference.

RevolutionInSimulation.Org Public Web Portal Launched to Support Simulation for Everyone

Eight dangers engineers, modelers and analysts need to be aware of when using Excel spreadsheets

Simulation Apps Greatly Expands User Base For CAE and Spreadsheet Models At P&G

Simulation Apps Replaces Traditional Access to CAE Software Workflows

Gathering of the Democratization Community at CAASE18

Modernizing Legacy Inhouse Codes with Simulation Apps

Democratization & Enterprise Wide Deployment at Pfizer

Modernized GUI-Driven Apps at Monsanto

Democratization of CAE at P&G


Democratization Success Stories to be Presented at CAASE18

Seb Dewhurst – Topic Moderator for Simulation Apps

GE: Producing a Custom Proposal Generation Tool with Process Knowledge Reuse

Experience in the Corporate-Wide Deployment of Modeling Technology

For Pfizer, modeling technology is critical to their ability to produce cutting edge pharmaceutical products in a competitive and rapidly changing industry.

Expert-Built Apps Expand the Reach of Simulation

EASA Software offers a way to broaden the reach of simulation via expert-authored apps with simple GUIs.