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2020 Digital Twin Forum Keynote Speakers Announced

ASSESS and ASDL 2020 Digital Twin Forum

Visualizing Digital Twins

The true cost of deploying and maintaining a digital twin is in collecting and analyzing the data. The data gives life to static 3D models.

2020 Prediction: Dennis Nagy

Beyond CAE's Dr. Dennis Nagy shares his prediction for Digital Twins in the coming year.

Largest Digital Twin Conference Aims to Demystify Technology

Bentley Systems conference focuses on infrastructure uses of digital twins.

Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH: Fail-Safe Digital Twin

Configurable safety relays help prevent injuries and damage in factory automation systems by cutting off electrical power in response to data received from sensors. When a safety relay fails, the production line must be halted until the relay can be repaired or replaced, resulting in expensive downtime.

Revolution In Simulation Adds Digital Twins to List of Implementation Topics

Virtual Sensors in Digital Twins

"By definition, a virtual sensor is a type of software that, given the available information, processes what a physical sensor otherwise would. It learns to interpret the relationships between the different variables, and observes readings from the different instruments. Think of it as a kind of a “ghost” of the physical sensor." (Chad Jackson)

ANSYS Leverages Modelon Technology for Simulation-Based Digital Twins

Dennis Nagy – Topic Moderator for Digital Twins/IIoT