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The digital twin as an idea machine

Reimagine Your Automotive Data Center Design and Operations

This blog shines a light on one of Europe’s largest automotive manufacturers and how they improved cooling across all data center halls to minimize risk and maximize energy efficiency using the 6Sigma Digital Twin, and in doing so, they yielded greater benefits for the long-term.

The Modelica Association and FMI Project Announce the Release of Function Mockup Interface (FMI) V3.0

RTX Power for Laptops, Digital Twin Innovations Highlight GTC 2022

New workstation GPUs and NVIDIA Omniverse updates lead the announcements at the NVIDIA GTC 2022 Spring virtual conference.

Cultivating Innovation with the Siemens Xcelerator Portfolio

Turning a dream into reality is a challenge for any organization, especially when the dream is growing food underwater. To do this, Nemo’s Garden has embraced digitalization and has implemented Siemens software to enhance, test, optimize, and scale production of their game-changing underwater biospheres that have the potential to change how and where our food is produced.

Predictive Maintenance: A Hold Out from the AI Revolution, SOLVED!

A New Era of Air Mobility: VTOL achieves new heights with a digital twin approach

This webinar goes into specific detail about how to address certification challenges, including: Structural loads and performance, Flutter, Landing and take-off, Structural occupant protection, High frequency electromagnetic simulation, Noise and vibration, and Electric drive.

Human Digital Twin: Is it possible?

ASSESS (November 2021) Webinar Recording: Human Digital Twin: Is it possible?

Building the UK Innovation Corridor’s Home for HPC and AI

Kaiser Permanente successfully modernizes legacy data centers with digital twin technology

Connect the Digital Thread with Hybrid Digital Twins, AI-Enabled Simulation, and Cloud Computing

Digital convergence is enabling industries to make the most of the data they collect to inform decisions at every stage of the product life cycle, connect information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT), and capitalize on new business models. Where does simulation engineering fit in the broader digital convergence discussion?

Putting the ‘Precision’ in Precision Air Conditioning

Digital Twins and Monitoring

This blog post explores how Digital Twins and Monitoring Systems Work Together.

Digital Twins and DCIM

It is a common misconception that digital twin software and DCIM are competitors. This post examines instead how digital twins and DCIM are complementary toolsets.

Digital Twins Evolve in Manufacturing

Simulation, modeling, visualization and sensor-based data converge to close the design-to-manufacture loop.


What is a Siemens Executable Digital Twin?

Welcome to the future of engineering. Let us show you how Siemens Simcenter executable digital twins (xDTs) do what we thought impossible. This short video shows smart virtual sensors, a type of xDT, created with the help of the Simcenter portfolio. These sensors let you create models that can update themselves as you use them (often in real-time) to predict previously not measurable quantities.

Digital Twins and Monitoring

How Do Digital Twins and Monitoring Systems Work Together? In the data center industry, it’s a given that having the right data is essential for making sound decisions throughout design and operations. But agreeing on how best to get that data is a different story.

Roadmap to Digital Twin 2.0

What is the Role of a Data Center Digital Twin in a Changing Landscape?

Creating a Digital Twin or virtual copy of the data center is the surest way to navigate the changes your data center faces. This blog will walk you through where and how a Digital Twin fits into the constantly changing landscape that is the data center industry.

Putting the Precision in Precision Air

Innovative Cooling Design: Delivering Capacity and Resilience with Confidence

Can simulation help professionals return to the office?

Many organizations are beginning to implement plans to return to the office. The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone rethinking office spaces, especially the all too common open-office space.

New Insights: Enabling New Data Center Technology with Simulation-Based Digital Twins

Simulation-based digital twins, especially when implementing new data center technology, streamline data center design and operations management.

6SigmaDCX Release 15: What’s New

The Digital Twin provides a collaborative framework and the necessary design tools to drive informed, real-time decisions regarding thermal risk and capacity utilization. 6SigmaDCX Release 15 streamlines data center design and management with new big data features, faster model creation and automation across the board.

Data Center Digital Twins E-Book

This e-book outlines the necessity for unlocking your data center’s business potential.

Engineering Data Centers: A Case Study of a Modern Science-Based Design

How to Build a Digital Twin to Improve Your Data Center

Deploying any change within your data center can seem daunting. But with a data center Digital Twin you can undertake virtual testing of those changes, using physics-based simulation, ensuring nothing goes into a live environment that hasn’t already been assessed for performance.

Digital Twin: Definition & Value

This paper provides an aerospace industry perspective on the Digital Twin and the significant benefits and rationale to accelerate embracing the fourth industrial revolution referred to as digital transformation.

Using Digital Twins to Develop, Test, and Optimize Complex Systems

A True Digital Twin replicates the proposed physical space, and includes all mechanical, robotic, sensor, vision, AI, and computer systems, while simultaneously incorporating real human action and interaction. Humans experience the system in virtual reality (VR), with concurrent motion capture driving their avatars in real time. The avatars interact with virtual objects and their physical “stand ins”, which are also motion-tracked. All aspects of the system, including hardware, software, AI training data/models, and human interaction, are developed, tested and optimized virtually using a proprietary software platform.

Data Center Digital Twins Overview

An overview video of data center digital twins.

6SigmaRoom: Data Center Design and Operations

6SigmaRoom is the industry’s leading data center CFD tool. It is part of the 6SigmaDCX software suite, which integrates IT and engineering operations in capacity planning.

Citigroup & NYSERDA FlexTech Project


Akselos Deploys Digital Twin of Shell’s Bonga FPSO

Lamprell Offers ‘Digital Twins’ for Offshore Projects

Aras Blog: The Digital Twin Time Machine

If you capture a product’s configuration correctly, you have context―which enables you to create traceability. In essence you have created the Digital Twin time machine. The context of the Digital Twin, supported by digital thread data, and analysis tools like simulation or analytics, allows you to move backwards and forwards for any product or system of products.

Paper: Digital Twin – Its Role and Structure within a Modern Systems Engineering Approach

Companies must ensure a cost effective and reliable product is introduced to the market in a timely manner while also addressing the challenges relating to in-service product updates and on-going maintenance. The Digital Twin in the context of virtual engineering and digital transformation is becoming a critical player in such highly innovative and competitive environment.

Akselos SIMLAB series #1: Continual Remote Monitoring of Large Assets with Simulation

Akselos is a new simulation technology that can evaluate structural behavior 1000x faster than traditional techniques. Akselos is capable of producing high-fidelity, physics-based models of large complex assets which may be connected to sensor data to regularly update the simulation model and provide the required assessments in a timely manner.

Akselos launches the second webinar in Simulation Lab series

The Evolution of Digital Twin – and How Emerging Tech Is Driving Adoption

A digital twin is a dynamic digital model of a product, process, or person, which analyzes existing business system data combined with real-world data. However, the value expands past the single digital model of an asset and is increasingly an underpinning element of an organization's digital transformation initiatives.

Digital Twin Continues to Proliferate Software and Digital Industries

The digital twin continues to proliferate and is a concept often associated with Siemens, and given our investment in software, additive manufacturing and the digital industries, this is good news indeed. But sometimes these terms can be too ethereal and my interest is piqued when I see this concept in action.

OnScale Launches Project BreathEasy: Digital Twins of Lungs to Improve COVID-19 Patients Outcomes

2020 Digital Twin Forum Keynote Speakers Announced

ASSESS and ASDL 2020 Digital Twin Forum

Visualizing Digital Twins

The true cost of deploying and maintaining a digital twin is in collecting and analyzing the data. The data gives life to static 3D models.

2020 Prediction: Dennis Nagy

Beyond CAE's Dr. Dennis Nagy shares his prediction for Digital Twins in the coming year.

Digital Twin Evolution: The Path to Simulation-Based Twins

"Although analytical twins have existed for a while, this evolution of simulation-based models that lead to the creation of digital twins is really transforming manufacturing, as product designs become more customized, unique and intricate by nature."

Microsoft partner ANSYS extends ability of Azure Digital Twins platform

“Collaborating with ANSYS to create an advanced IoT digital twins framework provides our customers with an unprecedented understanding of their deployed assets’ performance by leveraging physics and simulation-based analytics.” — Sam George, corporate vice president of Azure IoT, Microsoft

Largest Digital Twin Conference Aims to Demystify Technology

Bentley Systems conference focuses on infrastructure uses of digital twins.