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The Roadmap to the Digital Thread Across The Product Lifecycle

Phoenix Integration

Toyota Motor Europe’s System-Centric Digital Thread: Improving System Performance with Cross-Discipline Collaboration and a Single Source of Truth

This presentation introduces approaches and platform characteristics that increase the smoothness of the information flow across domains, and between system designers and simulation engineers, through the realization of a custom, domain-independent, system-centric digital thread. This provides a single source of truth for the specifications of all systems of interest and related data.

Webinar: The Digital Thread & SPDM

For simulation to have a broader financial impact on an enterprise, SPDM must be deployed seamlessly within the broader enterprise, especially as required to support implementations of Digital Threads and Digital Twins. This webinar will explore how these platform concepts can advance the use and impact of analysis and simulation in the coming decade.

Webinar: The Digital Thread & SPDM – Will This Bring Simulation Out of the Shadows?

Making Digital Thread Work for You

The evolution of digital thread is still very much in flux. A number of essential components have yet to be clearly defined, and industry leaders and technology providers still have to agree on the best way to implement the concept to enable broad adoption. As a result, engineers are often left with as many questions as answers.

Digital Thread Latest Chapter in Rev-Sim Content Lineup

Independent organization expands coverage of key simulation topics as part of its mission to help democratize analysis-led design. Read Editor, Beth Stackpole's article in the March 2020 issue of Digital Engineering.

Revolution In Simulation Adds Digital Thread & SPDM to Growing List of Implementation Topics

Connecting Simulation to the Digital Thread

Simulation has often been disconnected from the rest of the development process, struggling with traceability and the ability to provide meaningful feedback in a timely manner. Watch this demonstration as it shows how a user of the Aras Innovator digital thread platform can use simulation to evaluate the performance of a design as it progresses, and how the results of simulations are tied back to Requirements to do closed-loop Verification and Validation at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Matteo Nicolich – Topic Moderator Digital Thread & SPDM