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Digital Twins Evolve in Manufacturing

Simulation, modeling, visualization and sensor-based data converge to close the design-to-manufacture loop.

Cloud HPC Rising to Meet New Workplace Demands

With many organizations redefining the future of work and collaboration, cloud-enabled teams and tools are increasingly the lifeblood of business continuity.

2021 Optimal Design Technology Outlook Survey

Simulation Improves 3D Print Quality

New simulation and optimization tools (leveraging GPU acceleration) are improving 3D printing performance and predictability.

Democratizing Simulation: A Progress Report

To better understand how and why the nonexperts are embracing the technology, Digital Engineering's Kenneth Wong spoke to various simulation software users on the frontier of the movement for democracy.

Democratizing Simulation Insights

Digital Engineering's Beth Stackpole writes that a focus on post-processing capabilities and creative use of emerging technologies takes the democratization of simulation to the next level boosting accessibility of analysis-driven insight.

Making Digital Thread Work for You

The evolution of digital thread is still very much in flux. A number of essential components have yet to be clearly defined, and industry leaders and technology providers still have to agree on the best way to implement the concept to enable broad adoption. As a result, engineers are often left with as many questions as answers.

Digital Twin Continues to Proliferate Software and Digital Industries

The digital twin continues to proliferate and is a concept often associated with Siemens, and given our investment in software, additive manufacturing and the digital industries, this is good news indeed. But sometimes these terms can be too ethereal and my interest is piqued when I see this concept in action.

The Path to Simulation

Boosted by new, easier to use tools and more readily available computer resources, simulation technology is increasingly used more frequently and earlier in the design process, and by a wider array of professionals.