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Turbo-Charge Innovation by Democratizing Simulation

Leveraging the expertise of your most senior analysts throughout the product development team accelerates new design validation which in turn boosts innovation. The challenge, until now, has been in how to best extend and exploit this knowledge.

Design Through Analysis: Today’s Designers Greatly Benefit from Simulation-Driven Product Development

This paper examines the increasing demands that designers face to deliver more robust designs early in the process and how integrated simulation capabilities can help them drive the design creation process to achieve that goal.

Simulation and You: Getting to the Truth About Analysis

Today, automated meshers produce robust, high quality simulation models. Cloud-based solvers yield results in minutes. Easier-to-use interfaces make analysis available to practically anyone. And yet many companies labor to figure out how to incorporate analysis into their development processes.

Webinar: Exploring the Impact of Systems Thinking & Model-Based Engineering

In this ground-breaking webinar series from NAFEMS and Revolution in Simulation, we’ll look beyond the present to the next ten years of advancements in simulation that are needed to support Systems Thinking for a Model-Based Enterprise. The series will explore how the latest technology trends and simulation methods will develop and impact our industry and society during the next decade. Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 | 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT

OnScale Joins the Revolution in Simulation Initiative

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 23

ASSESS Initiative Announces EASA Software as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative

Rev-Sim Virtual Coffee Break: Part 4

A RevSim virtual coffee break short video featuring a Greenlight Optics Case Study.

The Revolution in Simulation Initiative Continues to Gain Momentum as Aras Joins the Growing List of Sponsors

Here Comes the Simulation Revolution! Part 2

Machine Design Magazine's second installment details the implementation challenges and ROI associated with Democratizing Simulation.

Rimac’s Journey Towards Full Vehicle System Simulation

MCAD Cafe Industry Predictions 2019

Bob Farrell gives his take on what's in store for democratizing simulation in 2019.

Rev-Sim Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 1

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Webinar Series. HPC (High Performance Computing) Part 1: Series Introduction

MCADCafe Industry Predictions for 2019 – The Uber Cloud

UberCloud president & co-founder Wolfgang Gentzsch shares his industry predictions for the coming year.

Understanding the Simulation Revolution

More and more organizations are looking to improve their competitiveness by leveraging analysis, simulation, and systems engineering for improved design decision support, Simulation-Driven Design, generative design and robust performance evaluation of their full portfolio of products and processes

The Growing Acceptance of CAE

Simulation is being used for lawsuits in court, treating schizophrenia, use in middle school education and in deep learning.

The Challenges & ROI of the Democratization of Simulation – Why Progress is Slow

Comet Solutions' Malcolm Panthaki discusses why Democratized Simulation isn't implemented overnight.

Malcolm Panthaki – Topic Moderator for Democratizing Simulation

On Democratizing Technology: How hard can it be to set the clock?

CIMdata’s Executive Consultant, Dr. Keith Meintjes, recently shared his views on the need to democratize technology so that it is easy for the end-user.