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Digital Twins and Monitoring

How Do Digital Twins and Monitoring Systems Work Together? In the data center industry, it’s a given that having the right data is essential for making sound decisions throughout design and operations. But agreeing on how best to get that data is a different story.

What is the Role of a Data Center Digital Twin in a Changing Landscape?

Creating a Digital Twin or virtual copy of the data center is the surest way to navigate the changes your data center faces. This blog will walk you through where and how a Digital Twin fits into the constantly changing landscape that is the data center industry.

Data Center Digital Twins E-Book

This e-book outlines the necessity for unlocking your data center’s business potential.

The Data Center Digital Twin

Our vision is a world where all data centers can realize their business potential. To make this vision a reality, we are pioneering the concept of the Digital Twin for data center design and management.

Video Series: The Digital Twin

A six-part video series on data center digital twins.