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Democratizing Simulation at Organizations via Applications

In this archived webinar, industry panelists discuss how simulation applications can benefit organizations. Guest speakers Nagi Elabbasi of Veryst Engineering, Kyle Koppenhoefer of AltaSim Technologies, and Gary Long of GLL share ways in which applications can make companies more efficient.

COMSOL On UberCloud – Part 2 : Parametric Sweeps

UberCloud can get you setup to run parametric sweeps with minimal effort on your part. We work directly with your IT team to configure access to your pre-existing COMSOL Floating Network License (FNL). We also ensure that your IT security rules are being observed while all this is set up.

COMSOL Multiphysics Shines in the Cloud

To design products in the real world, engineers need to contend with physics in the areas of electrical, acoustics, heat, fluids and more. COMSOL is an industry-leading simulation platform that captures the richness of the real world with its multi-physics capabilities.

Webinar: Simulations in Medical Device Designs

Simulation Applications Enable Digitalization at ABB Traction Motors

Industry 4.0 and digital twins are buzzwords we hear on a daily basis. But how far have companies come, and how does COMSOL come into play in the new era? Here, we will look into one successful case, where ABB Traction Motors intends to make mass customization available by using simulation applications for electric motor design. By turning high-fidelity multiphysics models into simulation applications, new analysis capabilities are planned to be available to several departments, from product design to sales.

Template-Driven Simulation Apps, Published in COMSOL 5.0 App Builder

Learn how COMSOL 5.0 allows experts to publish template-style simulation apps for non-experts using the COMSOL App Builder function.

Multiphysics for the masses. COMSOL wants to democratize simulation in the design process– TV-report

Simulation is key to making virtual product development a reality. So it's no wonder that simulation software is growing rapidly in terms of software spending and usage in product development processes.