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Cloud-Native Simulation for Structural Mechanics

Some products operate in environments and under conditions that are impossible and/or extremely difficult and expensive to recreate for testing purposes but can be modeled inside simulation tools at less cost and risk. For example, medical applications that require extensive and invasive human testing such as the nonlinear stress analysis of cardiovascular stents can now be easily simulated.

Design Space Exploration and Performance Optimization in the Cloud

Performing a design space and performance optimization with desktop-centric tools comes with significant barriers to entry that prevents design studies from taking place across many applications. By leveraging the power of end-to-end shape optimization completely in the cloud, the cost of expensive hardware and software maintenance fees are eliminated.

Developing an Ecosystem of Cloud-Native Tools for Human-Centric Design

Human-centric design is a multi-faceted approach to design thinking that accounts for environmental, physiological, and psychological aspects of human performance. It aims to capture the impacts of all three aspects by using an evidence- and science-based approach to modifying the indoor and outdoor environment. This way, people living and working in homes, schools, offices, and outdoor spaces can be safe, comfortable, and productive in the most sustainable way possible.

Cloud HPC Rising to Meet New Workplace Demands

With many organizations redefining the future of work and collaboration, cloud-enabled teams and tools are increasingly the lifeblood of business continuity.