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SimScale and Simerics Announce Strategic Partnership, Making High-Fidelity CFD Available in the Cloud

Hexagon adopts the supercomputer Fugaku to revolutionize the use of simulations in product innovation

Realize LIVE – Democratization of Simulation

In engineering, CAE simulation plays an increasingly powerful role in product design. But the factor limiting its more explosive growth is the reliance in many of the disciplines on experts and analysts. There is certainly a desire to be able to democratize at least a subset of the CAE simulation areas and broaden the pool of engineers that can effectively conduct these analyses and benefit from the more immediate performance feedback of their designs.

Data Centers: What is Engineering Simulation?

Engineering Simulation is used in many industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Electronics Design to make critical decisions while saving money. For the Data Center industry, it predicts airflow and temperature distribution regardless of the status of the site.

Putting the Precision in Precision Air

Serving a perfect Guinness – the CFD way

Thanks to Simon Fischer, here’s the first ever Guinness served in perfection – by a CFD simulation tool. Hey, its five o-clock somewhere right?

Answer Difficult Engineering Questions

Why CFD inside CAD is more than just pretty colors.

Preparation of Geometry Models for Mesh Generation and CFD

Making geometry models suitable for CFD meshing is often a time-consuming bottleneck in CFD analysis. Here we will discuss why this is so and some ways to alleviate the problems.

Automated Meshing and Adaptive Re-meshing at Bombardier

Reducing Boiler Emissions Through Shape Optimization

It’s all in the numbering – mesh renumbering may improve simulation speed

Renumbering (ordering) of the cells in the Finite Volume Method (FVM) can affect the performance of the linear solver and thus the speed of the simulation.

Car park Ventilation CFD with Pointwise, Caelus, CFX and FDS

Accurate Performance Predictions for Marine Propellers

Turbulence Model Influence on Flow in the FDA Benchmark Blood Pump

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be used to influence decisions early in the design process. In order to assess the state-of-the-art of CFD and its predictive capability for medical devices, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) developed two benchmark models for validation.

The Democratization of CFD

The traditional CFD process hasn't changed in 30 years, and the bulk of CFD done today (as much as 80% we estimate) complies with this accepted norm of creating a geometry in CAD, exporting it to a meshing tool, meshing it, setting up and running a CFD solver, post-processing results, going back into the geometry, altering it and continuing to do these design loops again and again.

CFD & Multiphysics Simulation

CFD simulates the flow of liquids and gases by performing millions of numerical calculations. CFD analysis is typically carried out earlier in the design process even before the first prototype is made. With high-speed supercomputers, better designs can be achieved quicker, faster, and cheaper. Multiphysics is advanced CFD involving multiple physics coupled to mimic the real behavior as accurately as possible.

CFD Used to Explore Truck Platooning Technologies

Using CFD and AI to Help Increase the Safety of Driverless Cars

Automatic (not Automated) Meshing

In this Blog post, Pointwise President, John Chawner shares the company's work to automatically generate an unstructured or hybrid mesh on and around virtually any geometry model.

Glyph scripts reduce meshing time by up to 90% and manual input from hours to minutes

Watch and download the presentation given by Steve Karman, Pointwise, Inc. at the Pointwise User Group Meeting about how Pointwise used custom Glyph scripts to automatically generate high-quality unstructured meshes for Engineering Sketch Pad (ESP) geometries, saving time and freeing users from repetitive and tedious tasks.

Rev-Sim Coffee Break Web Series: Part 9

The Democratization of CFD: Mind the Gap?

Is the CFD industry where one might hope it to be in terms of truly democratized usage? Keith Hanna shares his thoughts.

The Democratization of CFD: Taking Off

Computational fluid dynamics, or CFD, is moving toward democratization. Once the province of a subset of specialists, CFD is now reaching an ever-greater population of engineers.

The Democratization of CFD

“Democratization” is a buzzword that has been circulating around the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) community for some time. Learn more through this paper.

NASCAR Models Aerodynamics to Boost Safety and Performance

Cloud Infrastructure Enables Easy & Fast Simulations in Shipbuilding

ROI of 300% After Discovering CAE