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Frequency Analysis for Heating of a Stepped Shaft

Simulation is a good choice to find the best frequency to heat the step properly.

High Frequency Strip Heating

The Surface Impedance approach enables simulation of high frequency induction heating in few minutes, without building a huge mesh. Induced heat in a steel strip is accurately calculated in 10 minutes for 300 kHz, while traditional FEM simulation takes about 10 hours.

Induction Hardening of a Spur Gear

Heating of the 10 cm 45 teeth gear up to the austenitization temperature performed with overnight simulation, taking into account changes of magnetic properties over Curie temperature. You can get hardening profile without cutting the gear and optimise frequency within in a couple of days.

3D Simulation of a Single Shot Hardening

1h simulation allows to test performance of a new-designed coil virtually, saving time and money for building it.