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What is CAE?

In this article, PTC's Dave Martin examines the origin of Computer-Aided Engineering as the process of applying computer-assisted math-based analysis and simulation techniques to the product development process.

What is Computer-Aided Engineering?

CAE or Computer-Aided Engineering is a term used to describe the procedure of the entire product engineering process, from design and virtual testing with sophisticated analytical algorithms to the planning of manufacturing.

Phoenix Integration

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 23

Virtual Coffee Break Series: Part 23

Fast and Cost-Effective Compressor Map Generation using Cloud-Based CFD

MCADCafe Blog: ASSESS Initiative Presents Credible Arguments For Increased Engineering Simulation

Jeff Rowe of MCADCafe posts a blog on MCADCafe Newsletter about the ASSESS Initiative Positioning Papers regarding Democratization of Engineering Simulation (DoES) and Aligning Commercial, Government, and Research Engineering Simulation Efforts.

Simulation Apps Greatly Expands User Base For CAE and Spreadsheet Models At P&G

Simulation Apps Replaces Traditional Access to CAE Software Workflows

Democratization of CAE at P&G

ROI of 300% After Discovering CAE

ASSESSing the Future of CAE

Monica Schnitger gives her take on the future of CAE.

CAE on the Cloud

Will the availability of the high-performance cloud computing help drive use of CAE tools?