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BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the v21.1.1 of its software suite

Future Model Build-Up Process in ANSA using MODULEs

Watch this video as presented by Mr. Jürgen Bruns from Volkswagen AG, at the 8th BEFORE REALITY Conference.

ANSA / META Deployment in Groupe PSA

Watch this video presentation by Mr. Jean-Christophe Carniel from Groupe PSA, at the 8th BEFORE REALITY Conference.

Complete Vehicle CAD Extraction, Translation & Quality Report Generation at CEVT

During new vehicle development the current design is frozen and released and important attributes are analyzed virtually. After such a release, a vast amount of data is available and CAE models need to be created or updated as fast as possible with high quality. The process of collecting, checking and preparing all data was cumbersome and a significant amount of time was also needed to check and correct the received models which could have been based on incorrect input.

Bringing Reality into the Virtual World

The auto industry has been moving from a physical test-based development process to more of a virtual one. All aspects of the vehicle’s design and performance targets are being driven by the use of CAE simulations. Taking the data from one format like CAD and putting them into various formats that physics-based solvers can use is key. Honda R&D America's Mr. Eric Dehoff presents at the 8th BEFORE REALITY Conference.