Rapid Concept Engineering at The Aerospace Corp.

In this article, published in 2012 as an MSC Partner Showcase, Don Tolle, now at CIMdata, describes how Comet’s Intelligent Templates are used at the Aerospace Corp., to rapidly perform STOP (integrated Structural/Thermal/Optics) analysis using the platform’s Abstract Modeling techniques.

The long desired goal of simulation driven design has been to enable engineering analysts to focus on achieving the product’s functional requirements starting early in the R&D cycle. By putting simulation analysts in control of the “engineering geometry” starting at the conceptual design stage, reusing CAE best practices, and automating highly manual and repetitive

design simulation tasks, performance simulation results can finally drive critical new product development decisions.

As Dr. David Thomas (Engineering Team Lead, The Aerospace Corporation) commented, “The Comet-enabled integrated STOP process allowed our interdisciplinary engineering team to conduct an analysis that normally takes several days or weeks to perform to be completed in a single day. These savings are realized for each design cycle in the iterative process needed to converge to a satisfactory overall design for the IR telescope.”

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