GDLS Achieves Early Simulation using Simulation Automation Platform

In this 2008 case study whitepaper, Bruce Jenkins interviews senior engineer Mike Patterson at General Dynamics Land Systems, about their use of the Comet simulation automation and Abstract Modeling technology to bring simulation upfront.

How to bring simulation earlier in the product design process has been discussed for years but few have been able to overcome the technical and work-process barriers to doing so. General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) has launched a process where automation through templates with abstract modeling technology creates a seamless modeling/simulation process. By eliminating manual steps and allowing engineering and analysis processes to be built around an abstract model, this new process condenses project timelines – in a project piloting the new technology, extracting data from a CAD model and using it to populate an analysis database was slashed from an all-day job to just two hours. Even more, the new process makes it feasible to begin analysis early in design, while alternative geometries and product configurations are still being evaluated.

Mike Patterson emphasizes how this rapid-response capability (based on Comet’s automation platform) promises to transform the role of simulation and analysis in product development, radically increasing the value it offers to a program. “We want to change analysis from a reactive process occurring late in development, to a proactive process used early and throughout design.”

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