Expert Knowledge Capture & Reuse at American-Axle & NASA

Ravi Desi (American-Axle Manufacturing) and Tory Scola (NASA Langley) discuss the importance of knowledge capture & reuse and why companies need to embrace targeted, solution-focused simulation apps to gain measurable improvements in innovation, development time, and related product quality.

As part of a one-hour NAFEMS webinar on,  “Democratization: Expert Knowledge Capture & Reuse,” Ravi Desi explains why knowledge capture and reuse is critical in developing new vehicle architectures and for faster decision making at American-Axle Manufacturing. Tory Scola shares how NASA Langley adopted a new process for automated design space exploration (with complex multiphysics calculations, including design changes) resulting in a single iteration taking a full week down to 140 analyses in a single overnight run.

Presented on: September 17, 2015

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