Democratization of CAE at P&G

Proctor & Gamble democratizes simulation to a much broader user community, creating easy to use but intelligent apps to drive complex multi-step, multi-software workflows.

P&G determined that software modeling tools are critical for the kind of innovation necessary to develop thousands of consumer products competitively, and has therefore invested heavily in a variety of modeling and simulation technologies. Realizing that the benefits of modeling and simulation could be scaled by orders of magnitude if only these tools could be made usable by a much wider and larger group, P&G turned to EASA to help democratize modeling tools as intuitive streamlined web apps.

Published: Unknown

Previously limited to specialists, many tools (and related workflows) such as spreadsheets, legacy codes, databases and CAE applications were quickly repackaged as EASA web apps, which offer:

• Ease of use, built in intelligence, consistent look-and-feel, and error-checking
• Ease of access, running with complete reliability (even on mobile devices), with no dependence on locally installed software
• Intellectual property security and audit trail of usage

Published: Fall 2016

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