Democratization & Enterprise Wide Deployment at Pfizer

A major limitation of most modeling and simulation tools is that only subject matter experts can use them. Pfizer has overcome this limitation by using EASA’s patented “application” technology to create a proprietary “app store” of intuitive web apps that drive a wide variety of models created with tools such as gPROMS, Aspen Plus, DynoChem, Fluent, and MATLAB, as well as in-house codes and scripts. These web apps incorporate both expertise and comprehensive error checks, enabling users who are not familiar with the underlying modeling tools to safely use them.

For pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, modeling technology serves as the backbone for product design, testing, and improvement. Streamlining and integrating the modeling process and workflows is essential for maximum efficiency as well as for enabling non-experts practical access to these tools.

Using EASA, Pfizer can create custom GUIs without any programming, for various modeling applications, from simple to complex multi-software workflows, providing:

Published: Fall 2016

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