Democratization at Jeco Plastic Products Lands New Opportunities

Jeco Plastic Products is a small custom-mold manufacturer of high-tolerance products with a customer base that includes large U.S. and
international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive, aerospace, printing and defense industries. When faced with a very difficult situation in its ability to quickly change a product design for a major large German automotive OEM, Jeco needed to upgrade its modeling and simulation from tedious physical testing to a quicker, HPC-based strategy.

Though it took a frightening situation to spur Jeco Plastic Products to jump into HPC, the company has now demonstrated its ability to use HPC modeling and simulation, which has helped pave the way for lucrative projects with major aerospace, automotive and joint product development projects. Those projects include a multi-year contract with annual orders of $2.5 million during the next five to 10 years along with 15 more jobs and a capital investment of more than $500,000.

Published in 2012

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