Cloud Infrastructure Enables Easy & Fast Simulations in Shipbuilding

In this user success story, readers will find an UberCloud Experiment on a CFD Study of the Maneuverability of a KRISO Container Ship Model in the Cloud. This case study highlights how cloud infrastructure enabled easy and fast simulations, accessible with one click through the browser-based GUI, resulting in a dramatic increase in the engineer’s productivity and the ability of focus on the simulation experiment at hand.

The aim of this UberCloud Experiment #201 was to verify the feasibility of overset grids for direct zigzag test using “appended” KRISO Container Ship (KCS) model by means of the NUMECA UberCloud container on the cloud. The commercial CFD software FINETM/Marine packaged by NUMECA International S.A. was
employed during this experiment. All simulations were run on the newest software version 6.2, whose robustness has been drastically improved. Meanwhile, it was hoped to accelerate simulations through the powerful HPC Cloud resources provided by UberCloud Inc. and NUMECA.

Published April 2018.

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