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Solution Providers

The simulation ecosystem is composed of dozens of providers of software and services which can deliver a complete solution to the end-user whether they be an expert or novice.  Those solution providers listed below in our Rev-Sim Directory have demonstrated their commitment to the democratization of simulation movement.

To have your organization listed in this new Rev-Sim simulation software directory, please submit your profile and logo to info@rev-sim.org. To have additional information included, such as customer success stories and application profiles, consider becoming a Rev-Sim Sponsor.

AltaSim Technologies provides specialized services and products to help our customers develop innovative and cost effective improvements to their products, technologies and processes. We support customers by offering Technology Apps and Training. Our work supports the development of products, processes and technology for application in the Medical and Life Sciences, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Energy, Materials, Consumer Products, Automotive, Defense, Ship Construction and Electronics and Communication industries.

AweSim provides manufacturers with competitive solutions for simulation-driven design. We are helping to automate the manual prototyping process and provide affordable, accessible and scalable M&S on HPC via:

AweSim is a program of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, who along with M&S industry experts are pioneering the field of M&S-as-a-service.

Beyond CAE specializes in business development and strategy consulting for computer software companies, penetration new industries / segments, marketing  /positioning, sales management and channel development, key account sales, geographic expansion, and finding distributors for software companies globally.

Comet Solutions provides solutions that enable the creation of Simulation Apps (SimApps). SimApps are simple-to-use, targeted, Web-deployed applications that empower everyone in the product development organization (not just the experts) to perform complex simulations efficiently, safely and accurately. With minimal programming and scripting, Comet’s Template Authoring Workspace enables your CAE experts to rapidly create simulation automation templates that capture your best practices. The Web-deployed GUI’s of SimApps remotely drive these Intelligent Templates. Click here to see what some of our customers and solution providers are saying.

EASA enables codeless authoring and deployment of web applications which drive almost any underlying model or process within your enterprise. With EASA’s patented technology, the time and cost usually associated with custom application development projects can be reduced by an order of magnitude.

Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc. (ESRD) is engaged in the development of advanced engineering software products and offers professional services in areas pertaining to numerical simulation in the fields of mechanical, aerospace and structural engineering.  ESRD’s flagship software product, StressCheck Professional, is an advanced FEA tool having numerous unique technical capabilities. It is the first and so far only FEA software product designed to support the practice of Simulation Governance, which is essential for enabling Democratization of Simulation through the use of Engineering Simulation Apps.

Front End Analytics (FEA) was founded with the aim of transforming how manufacturers  develop, sell and service their products. We develop intelligent fit-for-purpose applications (SmartApps) that automate processes and provide realisting product simulation software that empowers innovation. We are headquartered in Boston, MA, USA, a global center for innovation and technology. The principals of the company have an extensive track record of helping companies from around the world develop innovative, high quality and cost effective products.

intrinSIM was launched in January of 2010 to accelerate the growth of the Engineering Software Market leveraging a unique technology broker model and a world class set of Technology Partners. intrinSIM leverages a unique technology broker model, Engineering Software Market domain knowledge and an extensive network of Technology Partners, Services Partners and Resources to bring the right people, services, and technologies to bear at the right time to meet the individual needs of its clients to overcome the gaps and incompatibilities between business, route to market and technology.

Kinetic Vision has been developing cutting edge products and technology for an international customer base since 1988. We are a full-service firm bringing design, engineering and development talent together to deliver progressive and imaginative product and process technology solutions. Our areas of expertise include concept ideation and industrial design, prototype development, product design and engineering, custom software development, first article inspection, product visual communication and digital media creation.

Modelon provides software solutions and expert services to organizations that use model-based simulation tools to design and develop technical systems. Modelon’s libraries, solver, and deployment solutions are leading products available in the market today for modeling, simulation and optimization. Our products enable companies to focus on delivering a unified picture of product system interaction and performance – from product concept to operation.

UberCloud is the online community and marketplace where engineers, scientists, and their service providers discover, try, and buy Computing Power and Software as a Service, from Cloud Resource and Software Providers around the world. Engineers and scientists can explore and discuss how to use this computing power to solve their demanding problems.

VCollab software, powered by the CAX file format, is the easiest and most comprehensive visualization and data reduction resource available for CAE.  The VCollab solution begins with CAX, the first common, portable file format for sharing and storing CAE data. Using a refined data-extraction and data-reduction process, VCollab creates CAX files that are up to 99% smaller than native CAE files.