Simulation Applications Enable Digitalization at ABB Traction Motors

Industry 4.0 and digital twins are buzzwords we hear on a daily basis. But how far have companies come, and how does COMSOL come into play in the new era? Here, we will look into one successful case, where ABB Traction Motors intends to make mass customization available by using simulation applications for electric motor design. By turning high-fidelity multiphysics models into simulation applications, new analysis capabilities are planned to be available to several departments, from product design to sales.

ABB Traction Motors initiated a new project, called NG Design Tool, to create an easy-to-use software tool that could predict the temperature in a traction motor during different operation conditions and duty cycles. The project was led by Dr. Shafigh Nategh, R&D senior engineer and project leader at ABB Traction Motors. Experts and students from Politecnico di Torino in Italy, Chalmers University of Technology, and The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden were invited to tackle this challenge together.

“To be able to run projects with this level of engineering complexity, it is important to have the right tool partners. In ABB Traction Motors, we work with reliable tool suppliers supporting us to provide better service for our customers. We are happy that we have COMSOL on board in this project’’, says Dr. Shafigh Nategh. “Multiphysics simulation allows us to explore how different components work together; not to mention the ability to turn a high-fidelity model into a digital twin or simulation application.”

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