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Rev-Sim Sponsors

Revolution in Simulation is proud to recognize the founding sponsors who are contributing time, expertise, and funding to our initiative and the Rev-Sim.org website: ANSYS, ASSESS, EASA, Engineering Software Research & Development, Front End Analytics, Kinetic Vision, NAFEMS, PLM Alliances, and VCollab. More recently we are equally excited to add the participation of Aras, Beyond CAE, ESTECO, Modelon, Ohio Supercomputer Center, PASS Suite, Pointwise and The UberCloud.

Each of these innovative Revolution in Simulation sponsors is a technology thought leader that offers software or services which make simulation not only more capable and powerful for the expert, but also more usable and reliable for the new user or non-CAE specialist.

To learn more about becoming a Revolution in Simulation sponsor, and showcasing your simulation capabilities and market leadership, contact our Director of Alliances Rich McFall at rich@rev-sim.org.