About Rev-Sim Sponsors

Each of these innovative Revolution in Simulation sponsors is a technology leader that offers software or services which make simulation not only more capable and efficient for the expert, but also more usable and reliable for the new user or non-CAE specialist.

To learn more about becoming a Revolution in Simulation sponsor, and showcasing your simulation capabilities and market leadership, contact our Director of Partnerships, Mike Nieburg at mike.nieburg@rev-sim.org.

To learn more about the Aras Platform approach enabling innovation in the product development process, please visit us.

Aras, the leader in open product lifecycle management (PLM) software for the enterprise, provides an open, flexible, scalable, and upgradable PLM platform that enables global companies to modernize and transform systems engineering processes across the lifecycle, to connect people and product information throughout the enterprise. Aras brings a Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) capability into its open PLM platform to provide a way for organizations to connect simulation and simulation experts to mainstream engineering processes for traceability, access, decision-making and reuse across the product lifecycle.

“For too long, simulation has been the exclusive domain of the experts within silos, limiting its impact on product development. Aras’ SPDM capabilities bring the power of simulation to everyone in the enterprise, using the foundation services of the open Aras Innovator Platform to manage the lifecycle of the simulation data for traceability across the entire Digital Thread. Only by making validated and timely simulation results available to all enterprise engineering processes will simulation have a significant impact on the rapid, iterative product development process. Aras is excited to be a part of the revolution, and to participate and contribute to this industry-wide community that is dedicated to expanding the impact of simulation to everyone across the enterprise.”

To learn more about ANSYS products enabling upfront simulation and democratization please visit our website or www.ansys.com.

With over 40 years and more than 3,000 people focused on the design and simulation needs of engineers and other professionals, ANSYS provides an unparalleled array of tools for everything from concept and product design to in-depth validation.  Our tools enable engineers, doctors, scientists, and others to understand and optimize the structural, thermal, fluid, and electronic performances of products.  We’re passionate about democratizing and pushing the limits of world-class simulation technology so our customers can turn their design concepts into successful, innovative products faster and at lower cost.

“Simulation is the most powerful tool available to provide insight into the impact and trade-offs of design choices. However, traditional engineering simulation has a learning curve often measured in decades, and each analysis takes weeks on average. Only by making simulation as easy and as pervasive as Excel can engineers fulfill the promise of better, smarter, and more sustainable products of tomorrow. ANSYS is excited to participate in a new industry-wide initiative like the Revolution in Simulation that is working to do just that by democratizing the power of simulation to make it as reliable for use by every engineer as it is for CAE specialists.”

To learn more about BETA CAE Systems read this interview with Dr. Sam Saltiel, or visit www.beta-cae.com

BETA CAE Systems transformed engineering simulation by introducing revolutionary process automation software tools and practices into Simulation and Analysis, almost 30 years ago. Committed to our mission to enable engineers to deliver results of high value, we continue to offer state-of-the-art, high-performance software and best-in-class services to the Industry, around the world. Our simulation solutions unleash low-risk and high Return on Innovation Investment. We first established our reputation in the Automotive sector and now we are proud of the deployment of our software also in the Aerospace, Defense, Biomechanics, Electronics, Energy and other Industries. The groundbreaking technology, the excellent services and our high standards of business values and ethics are the three pillars on which BETA was founded and grows since then.

“Numerical Analysis of physical phenomena and Engineering Simulation are among the few tools we have to accelerate the evolution of products for meeting the demands of the current fast paced world, which continuously poses new challenges. Broadening the perimeter of Simulation use, and expanding its capabilities, should be among the objectives of all of us who believe that ubiquitous simulation can revolutionize the development of the products of our future. We are excited to participate to the “Revolution in Simulation” initiative, join forces with other vendors and specialists in the domain, and contribute to meeting our common objectives”

Learn more at: www.cadence.com

Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic design, building upon more than 30 years of computational software expertise and decades of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) expertise. With an industry-leading meshing approach and a robust host of solver and post-processing capabilities, Cadence CFD provides a comprehensive workflow for applications including propulsion, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and combustion.

Coreform software leverages its unique combination of Isogeometric analysis, Flex IGA modeling and advanced hex meshing to accelerate the product development process by allowing engineers to predict real-world behavior with higher accuracy and faster model preparation than traditional finite element analysis. Coreform minimizes the time spent on model preparation while maximizing control over quality solutions. Coreform IGA is a revolutionary new solver for non-linear transient dynamics based on isogeometric analysis (IGA) technology that does not require geometry to be defeatured or approximated by a meshed.

“For decades, engineering simulation has been done on approximations of design models that takes weeks to build for a model that isn't an accurate representation of what will be manufactured. What we've done at Coreform is to develop a way to run a simulation on the exact data that will be manufactured, yielding much more accurate predictions of how the product will behave in real life. We are excited to participate to the “Revolution in Simulation” initiative to help move the use of simulation forward.”


Corvid HPC is a cloud computing provider with over 15 years of simulation experience solving some of the DoD’s toughest challenges. Our engineering team provides one-on-one simulation support to ensure our customers get the most out of high-performance computing. Corvid HPC’s user interface is designed to support all scalable engineering simulation codes, tailored for all – from beginners to experts. Corvid HPC leverages our own US-based hardware to provide simple and cost-effective pricing to our customers with no middleman.

"Corvid HPC is excited to join the Rev-Sim community to share unique stories on how companies are leveraging HPC to accelerate the product development process, while complying with data security challenges associated with Aerospace & Defense businesses. Like Rev-Sim, we believe simulation should be accessible to everyone, and our HPC solution and subject matter expertise provides us with a unique collaborative perspective."

Founded in 2016, Diabatix is a Belgian company that specializes in generative thermal design. Through the potent combination of AI and generative design, our software is capable of designing, analyzing, and optimizing heat sinks and cold plates with extreme speed and efficiency. With a focus on heat transfer, the cooling components generated from our software are made to cool the high-powered tech of today and tomorrow. 

"Diabatix aims to revolutionize simulation technology with a focus on generative thermal design, and as Rev-Sim managed to build up a community of world-renowned engineers to promote exactly this "next step", it goes without saying our visions align perfectly. This is the reason Diabatix is proud to support Rev-Sim."

EASA enables you to “appify” your simulation models and workflows to easily-deployed, web-based applications that capture design rules, constraint checks and error trapping, which can then be deployed to any controlled group of users. Users could be existing subject-matter-experts needing to streamline their current workflows, and/or users who are not experts in modeling.

“Globally dispersed and culturally diverse internal customers have not historically had access to some of our most valuable tools. The EASA platform has changed this; we can now rapidly build and deploy to the enterprise custom web-based applications that facilitate the use of our existing tools. The benefits are clear; the need for expensive and time-consuming physical prototypes are reduced, resulting in improved product quality, and reduced time to market.”

Tel: 314.744.5021

ESRD, Inc. is the developer of StressCheck®, the world’s premier high definition, detailed analysis simulation tool, and are thought leaders in Simulation Governance, the deployment of Smart Engineering Simulation Apps and the Democratization of Simulation.

“ESRD is welcoming the opportunity to participate in and sponsor the Revolution in Simulation initiative. We strongly believe that the vision of expanding the use of simulation by non-experts can be safely realized through the practice of Simulation governance, which provides the safeguards to ensure that routine analysis in support of design decisions can be performed reliably by engineers without expert training.”

Tel (UK): +44 (0) 20 7840 9540
Tel: (US): (408) 436-7701

Future Facilities is a software company dedicated to building a better future for the data center industry. To this end, we are pioneering the use of the Digital Twin as a new methodology for the design and management of data centers.  We have developed the 6Sigma suite of simulation software products to virtualize all things data center, including the full spectrum of IT equipment (i.e. 6SigmaET) as well as the infrastructural elements (i.e. 6SigmaDCX).

“Future Facilities is the first software company to develop the Digital Twin for the lifecycle management of today’s data center market. To this end, we have captured the physical behavior of the data center with a full 3D, physics-based representation, which ultimately allows stakeholders to predict and quantify the engineering cause and effect of any proposed decision prior to actual physical implementation. Through this link between virtual and physical, the Digital Twin aligns technical operations with the business objectives of a data center. This is a new, scientifically based methodology to manage the business performance of a highly technical and complex system, replacing the historical rules of thumb and best practices. A true paradigm shift.”

To learn more about Hexagon MSC Software’s contribution to advancing the democratization of simulation technologies read this interview with MSC Software CEO, Roger Assaker.

Explore MSC Software solutions or contact Romain Baudson, Product Marketing Manager, at romain.baudson@hexagon.com.

MSC Software, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, is one of the ten original software companies and a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division provides solutions that utilize data from design and engineering, production and metrology to make manufacturing smarter. Hexagon MSC is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions.

“We pioneered many of the CAE technologies that are now relied upon by multiple industries. In the 21st century and post COVID-19 world, digital transformation will be essential for achieving Industry 4.0 and smart digital twins. Hexagon and MSC Software span design and engineering, production, manufacturing and the complete product life cycle. We deliver data threads between simulation software and hardware testing. These are essential as manufacturing shifts into a more efficient, autonomous and sustainable world. We support the goals of Revolution in Simulation with our unique suite of products and our MSCOne token system that is a powerful vector towards the democratization of CAE, including our technology leading multi-physics focused co-simulation solutions.”

Visit our Web Site
Contact Aerin Shaw, Marketing & Partnership Lead 513.793.4959

Since 1988 Kinetic Vision has been delivering progressive and imaginative product and process solutions for its international customer base.  The company’s expertise is turning strategy into execution using the latest Digital Development Tools to support the Product Lifecycle. This includes enterprise-wide deployment of advanced technologies such as HPC modeling and simulation, industrial scanning and virtual reality, but also extends to many other cost-saving and speed-to-market solutions.

“Modeling and simulation is the only way manufacturers can innovate quickly enough to meet disruptive market forces. For example, Amazon has changed the transport landscape for many industries. Products that were once designed for palletized delivery to distribution centers and retailers are now being shipped directly to the consumer. That’s convenient for the consumer but a headache for the manufacturer as now their once-sufficient product packaging might not be suitable anymore. The only way to rapidly adjust to a change like this is through simulation. Those tools need to be readily accessible and usable for all – Revolution in Simulation is at the forefront of making that happen.”

Tel: 1.614.360.1922

NAFEMS provides knowledge, international collaboration, and educational opportunities for the use and validation of engineering simulation. NAFEMS is the only worldwide independent association dedicated to engineering simulation. Currently, there are more than 1300 member organizations worldwide ranging from major global corporations through small-scale engineering consultants.

“The full potential analysis and simulation is not often realized due to such factors as accessibility, usability, financial, and confidence. Our support of the Revolution in Simulation initiative highlights our commitment to continue to advance analysis and simulation technologies, best practices, and usability.”

Learn how Novus Nexus brings fast, reliable, and easy automation to simulation workflows.

Visit: novusnexus.com

Novus Nexus offers smarter solutions to automate simulation processes easily and reliably. Our tools work seamlessly with various commercial and open-source CAD, CFD and FEA solvers to naturally capture simulation know-how for consistent application of best practices, enable CAD designers to run dependable simulations, and optimize the use of simulation resources, both human and software. Simulating better with us, these advantages culminate in the ability to make correct design decisions faster, streamline development processes and so increase innovation and throughput.

"Our revolutionary approach for end-to-end automated processes requires a similar effort to preparing a single simulation with conventional tools. Part of our mission at Novus Nexus is to radically expand simulation benefits, making us feel right at home with RevSim's work to make advanced simulation accessible to all. We share a common goal to democratize CAE workflows and are excited to be a sponsor and lend our hand in this effort to Revolutionize Simulation across multiple industries."

nTopology is the first engineering software company that allows engineers to simultaneously consider design, simulation and advanced manufacturing processes in a single, reusable workflow with nTop Platform. At its core, nTop Platform was built to solve engineering problems where geometry is a bottleneck. The modeling technology in nTop Platform can handle complexity and iteration with speed and ease. Organizations can leverage nTop Platform to automate tasks that take hours, days or weeks with traditional design tools because of the ability to build reusable workflows.

“nTop Platform was created with engineers in mind and their need for a better way to address the complexities their job demands. Our implicit modeling technology not only allows engineers to be more efficient when it comes to designs but enables them to collaborate on another level. nTop’s open platform helps engineers create living documents of their workflow (and expertise) which can easily be shared across an entire organization. We’re thrilled to join Revolution in Simulation and look forward to collaborating on a new level.”

Learn more at:

From product prototyping to process design, high performance computing can save businesses both time and money, while improving products and streamlining operations. OSC has been a leader in the field of HPC industrial engagement since the Center’s creation in 1987. Under the AweSim program, OSC and its industry partners are together pioneering the field of M&S as a Service – automating the manual prototyping process and creating reusable apps to support affordable and accessible HPC modeling, simulation and analysis for manufacturing. The platform provides the tools needed to rapidly develop customized M&S tools (known as apps), which in turn enable companies to more quickly address emerging customer requirements.

“Today’s competitive landscape requires new levels of innovation and faster time-to-market. Organizations must accelerate product offerings and new product development by fully leveraging current and emerging technologies. Cloud-based computing helps to automate manual prototyping process and provide affordable, accessible and scalable M&S on HPC. The Ohio Supercomputer Center is proud to support and sponsor the growing Revolution in Simulation initiative.”

OnScale CAE tools are based on proprietary multiphysics solvers that were developed and validated over 30 years by one of the largest engineering consulting firms in the world for DARPA, the US Department of Defense (DOD), and large commercial customers.

The CAE solvers were architected for highly parallel mainframe computers to handle very large engineering simulation problems and are a perfect fit for modern cloud-based, high-performance computing. OnScale and its new team were spun out of Thornton Tomasetti in 2017.

OnScale gives engineers a wealth of design insights and highly accurate simulation results up to 100x faster than legacy CAE offerings. Current OnScale solutions address the simulation needs of Semiconductor and MEMS, 5G mobile, next-gen biomedical, and autonomous vehicle markets.

PASS software provides smart simulation and sizing tools for piping and equipment engineers and designers.  PASS enables new users to perform piping/equipment analysis in days rather than months. When the design engineers can use this design software easily and get their job done quickly, there are huge benefits to the industry.

“The mission of the PASS development team is to deliver powerful and effective software tools for piping and equipment simulation which are easy to use and simple to learn, and not just for the experts. We believe it is time for the revolution in simulation, and would like to join others who share our mission and vision. We are excited to be a part of the Revolution in Simulation online community.”

Watch the ModelCenter Overview video here
Website:  https://www.phoenix-int.com/
Contact us:  https://www.phoenix-int.com/contact-us/
Tel:  1.800.500.1936

Phoenix Integration’s ModelCenter® is the framework for Model Based Engineering. ModelCenter® is a vendor-neutral software platform for creating and automating multi-tool workflows, optimizing product designs, and enabling Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). It is used by leading organizations worldwide to reduce development costs, improve engineering efficiency, stimulate innovation, and design more competitive products. Successful applications can be found in multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, energy, heavy industry, and shipbuilding.

“Model Based Engineering (MBE) is a holistic approach to product development, manufacturing, and lifecycle support that uses digital models to drive all engineering activities. MBE begins with the definition of system requirements and continues throughout the whole product life cycle. It is fundamentally a multidisciplinary approach, allowing engineers to understand important interactions and synergies between engineering subsystems and the impact of local design decisions on the behavior of the complete system. This enables them to make informed decisions very early in the design process as they now understand how decisions made for one system will impact other systems and the overall vehicle, and to manage trade-offs between performance, cost and requirements.”

PLM Alliances provides business and market development consulting to alliances, partners, and communities that help accelerate new technology adoption across the many solution software market segments of PLM, including CAE, Simulation & Analysis, and High-Performance Computing.

“PLM Alliances is excited to participate in and sponsor the Revolution in Simulation initiative. Analysis technologies have now matured to the point where it is possible to democratize simulation for making it far more accessible and reliable for use by experts and non-specialists alike.”

For more information about Creo Simulation, visit the PTC website.
Find information here about PTC Creo® 
Contact the company here.

PTC’s Creo has comprehensive simulation capabilities that serve engineers and designers throughout the product development process. With this suite of capabilities, you can integrate simulation early and often into your process enabling you to make better design decisions, reducing costs, improving quality and speeding time to market.

“At PTC, we’re increasingly focused on getting easy-to-use but powerful simulation capabilities embedded in the core design workflows of Creo,” said Brian Thompson, DVP and GM, CAD Segment, PTC “That way, design engineers can begin testing their designs early, rapidly iterate, and help their teams advance higher quality designs to production readiness faster than ever.  The Rev-Sim community shares that vision, and we're delighted to be part of this fast-growing platform.”

For more information about Simcenter, visit the Siemens website.
Contact the company here.

Simcenter™ is a flexible, open and scalable portfolio of simulation and test applications that support customers at every step in their digital journey. The portfolio uniquely integrates the full breadth of engineering solutions including system simulation, 3D CAE and CFD, and physical testing, with design exploration and analytics, workflow automation and simulation process and data management. Simcenter is an integral part of Xcelerator™, a broad integrated portfolio of MCAD, PLM, and EDA solutions and services from Siemens Digital Industries Software.

“With Simcenter™, our customers gain a competitive edge with a complete simulation and testing environment to optimize the performance of complex products throughout the lifecycle. Simcenter allows engineers to generate validated multi-physics models that can predict real product behavior. These are essential to the digital twin paradigm that will help companies face today’s challenges with smart designs that combine mechanics with software, electronics, controls and new, lightweight materials. Using Simcenter will help manufacturers engineer innovation into their products faster and with greater confidence.”

Tel: +49 89809132770

SimScale enables engineering teams to access accurate and fast simulation, on their terms, without compromise. We make engineering simulation technically and economically accessible from everywhere, at any time, and at any scale, in the cloud. We deliver instant access to fluid, thermal, and structural simulation to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. With SimScale, high-fidelity multiphysics simulation has moved from a complex and cost-prohibitive desktop application to an inclusive, agile, cloud-native engineering simulation platform. SimScale is a SaaS company that follows the subscription pricing model, visit simscale.com for more information. 

"The challenge we consider the biggest at SimScale is accessibility. We believe that making engineering simulation more accessible can create enormous value for users and in turn their customers. Any time engineers are constrained by the limited availability of hardware and software or by a lack of shared, repeatable simulation workflows, innovation is stifled. As such, we’ve been taking a ‘first principles’ approach to designing and building a simulation stack that allows for simulation to be used earlier, broader, and more intensely in product development processes and beyond."

Tel (US & Canada): 1-800-693-9000
Tel (Other Regions): 1-781-810-5011

SOLIDWORKS® offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.  SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides easy-to-use structural analysis capabilities, fully embedded within SOLIDWORKS, for predicting a product’s real-world physical behavior by virtually testing CAD models. The SOLIDWORKS portfolio of simulation solutions offers everything designers need for linear, nonlinear, static, and dynamic analysis. For more challenging simulations the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS portfolio  provides connected, powerful and collaborative simulation solutions on the cloud with full SOLIDWORKS data associativity.

“Simulation-driven design is itself driven by a movement some refer to as the democratization of simulation. The goal is to create tools that allow more and more users to take advantage of FEA earlier in the design process. The simulation tools available to SOLIDWORKS users, from the desktop capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation to the cloud-based analysis tools provided in the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS platform, are accelerating the democratization of simulation. We are naturally excited to participate in the Revolution in Simulation initiative as its mission to broaden the use of engineering simulation is very much aligned with our own vision.”

Contact us here
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UberCloud provides Cloud With One Click – a secure, on-demand, browser-based self-service platform for engineers and scientists to build, compute, and analyze their engineering simulations. Founded in 2014, UberCloud is located in Los Altos, CA and works with customers in the manufacturing, life sciences, oil & gas, and financial industries.

“Many industry predictions for 2019 are talking about the wider and growing acceptance of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Industry 4.0, Digital Twins, 3D Printing, and Cloud Computing; no surprise, as this is a continuation of 2018. But behind all these trends and ‘techniques’ is one big common trend fueled by the engineers’ desire to make their complex and demanding tools and techniques more applicable, economical, user-friendly, intuitive, and automatic, to be finally used by every engineer. This broader trend is now greatly supported by the Revolution in Simulation organization and is well-known as Democratization, Appification, Containerization, and more. In our CAE community, we see this trend greatly supported by NAFEMS, COFES, ASSESS, Rev-Sim, UberCloud and others, and by many outstanding individuals and groups.”

Tel: 248.835.6880
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VCollab helps product development companies by providing CAE Visual Collaboration tools to Smart Extract Intelligent Simulation Information from CAE Results files for easier sharing and faster design validations, leading to accelerated innovation.

“VCollab believes in simulation as a vehicle for innovation. In order to bring the simulation to the forefront to validate designs in time, there is a need to revolutionize the way the simulation is being done today. The complexity associated with simulation need to handled so that more people in the product development companies use, share, consume and collaborate with the intelligent simulation information.”