Revolutionizing Food & Beverage Production with the Digital Twin and Industrial IoT

How can food and beverage companies use the digital twin and industrial IoT to dramatically improve production performance? This eBook shares the value of the digital twin and IIoT for companies that produce food and consumer packaged goods. Then, it shares some practical examples and advice to get started down the path to streamline R&D and new product development, optimize production plans, increase performance, gain production intelligence, improve quality, and compete as an integrated supply chain.

Competing in the Food & Beverage market is getting increasingly challenging. New competitors are changing the rules of the game with digital processes that allow them to drastically improve speed, agility, quality, and the ability to tailor products to customer and market needs.

In the digital age, it’s no longer enough to be big. The barriers to entry have dropped as markets have transformed. Today’s markets are omni-channel, allowing even the smallest startups to gain access to consumers. Buyers’ preferences have also changed. They are more excited to try a new microbrew than consume the brand from their favorite, traditional mega-brewery. At the same time, customers are expecting food to meet their specific social, dietary, and regional preferences.

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