Webinar Series: Revolutionizing Simulation

About this Series

In this “Learn From Your Peers” Webinar Series, you will hear from your peer manufacturing companies about their successful deployment of next-generation simulation technologies. What customer challenges they faced? How did they meet these challenges? What were the hurdles they overcame? What benefits did they reap? What lessons did they learn along the way?

The focus of this series is not the underlying technologies that were used, but rather the journey – from challenges to solutions, benefits, and the valuable lessons learned along the way. When possible, you will get to meet and have a discussion with the presenter from the manufacturing company.

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Leveraging AI to Tackle Complex Engineering Challenges: Featuring Practical Customer Case Studies

This webinar will showcase how Maya HTT clients are successfully utilizing data and enabling non-data scientists to leverage AI technologies.  Whether you would like to use AI-based reduced order models or to predict engineering quality defects, Maya has developed a practical blueprint approach which has proven itself in many successful AI deployments. 

How Caterpillar Designers & Engineers Optimize Product Design Using Simulation - A Heavy Industrials Case Study

This webinar recording is no longer available.
Follow this this link for information about PTC’s Simulation-Led Design solutions.

How Democratization Helps GKN Engineers to Sleep Better

This webinar will discuss the advantages of applying a low code application development platform that effectively makes Excel spreadsheets behave like modern enterprise applications (that can be integrated into workflows if needed), eliminating Excel’s weaknesses and providing a far higher level of comfort that these tools are functioning correctly, consistently and securely.

Rigor at the Speed of Relevance: The Symbiotic Relationship of Model-Based Systems Engineering and Simulation

Simulation Governance is Critical for Reliable Condition-Based (Predictive) Maintenance

How to Power CAE with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Accelerating Product Certification and Compliance by Democratizing Expert-only Processes for Non-Expert Use at Schneider Electric

Next Generation Compact Heat Exchanger Design and Simulation

Toyota Motor Europe’s System-Centric Digital Thread – improving system performance with cross-discipline collaboration and a single source of truth

How Polytec uses Cloud-Based HPC for Virtual Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) using Finite Element Analysis of Elastic Wave Propagation

Industry 4.0, 5.0 and Beyond: Where Does Engineering Simulation Fit?