Industry Leadership Interviews

Monica Schnitger
Schnitger Corporation

Monica Schnitger helps companies to understand the impact of engineering IT: CAD/CAM, CAE, PLM, AEC, IoT and related technologies. In this interview she gives her take on the impact of simulation.

Kenneth Wong
Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering Magazine Senior Editor, Kenneth Wong shares his perspective on the state of simulation and offers his thoughts to software vendors from the users’ perspective.

Dr. David Freed

Dr. David Freed, OnScale CTO, is a CFD engineer with a background in thermal fluids simulation, aeroacoustics, multi-phase flow, and the Lattice Boltzmann method.  Today he’s focused on making CAE a reliable cloud-based experience.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown is Vice President of Sales & Marketing for VCollab. In this interview Steve shares how VCollab CAE reporting solution provides the most effective way to go from CAE results to CAE information for quick, confident design decisions.

Dr. Barna Szabó

Dr. Barna Szabó is Co-Founder and Chairman of ESRD, a company whose mission is to create and market software tools for the advancement of the quality, reliability and timeliness of information that serves engineering decision-making processes. 

Simulation Leader

Seb Dewhurst

Sebastian Dewhurst is Director of Business Development for EASA. In this Rev-Sim interview Seb touches on Excel, Low Code Development, Simulation Apps, and Templates in the context of Democratizing Simulation.

Rick Schweet

Rick Schweet
Kinetic Vision

Rick Schweet, President and CEO of Rev-Sim sponsor Kinetic Vision, discusses how his career got started in simulation and why he chose to participate in the Revolution in Simulation™.

Arvind Krishnan
Lifecycle Insights

Arvind Krishnan is senior industry analyst for Lifecycle Insights covering product design and simulation for research and publications. In this interview he shares his views on the industry and what he sees in the years ahead.

Prasad Mandava

Prasad Mandava, Co-Founder and CEO of Visual Collaboration Technologies, (VCollab) discusses how his career began in simulation and why he chose to participate in the Revolution in Simulation™.

Dr. Sam Saltiel
BETA CAE Systems

Dr. Sam Saltiel, Chief Communications Officer of Rev-Sim sponsor Beta CAE Systems,  discusses his engineering simulation career and why he chose to participate in the Revolution in Simulation™.

Roger Assaker

Roger Assaker

Roger Assaker, CEO of MSC Software, discusses engineering simulation and why he chose to participate as a sponsor in the Revolution in Simulation™ industry collaboration.

Hassan Moezzi Photo

Hassan Moezzi
Future Facilities

Hassan Moezzi, CEO of Future Facilities discusses his start in engineering simulation and why he chose to participate as a sponsor in the Revolution in Simulation™ industry collaboration.

John Chawner

In this interview John Chawner of Cadence (past President and Co-Founder of Pointwise) shares his thoughts on CFD simulation, the CFD Vision 2030 Integration Committee, and a host of related topics.

David Heiny

SimScale CEO, David Heiny discusses the current state and future of CFD simulation, challenges facing vendors and the user community, along with the importance of democratizing simulation.

Lieven Vervecken

In this interview Diabatix Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Lieven Vervecken discusses Diabatix, the release of Coldstream 2, simulation and generative design, and why it is important to participate in Rev-Sim.

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